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Huawei Honor 5c Mobile Phones in Pakistan

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Huawei Honor 5C Price in Pakistan

Huawei Honor 5C price in Pakistan is just around PKR 20,000. Huawei Honor brand is good to offer affordable phones, after every year to make a surprising progress. The Huawei Honor of success cannot be separated from the "cost-effective" to "quality-price ratio" of the change, because of quality control and strict control of the consumer is responsible for the attitude, not to fight the Huawei Honor of a price war is more users accept. Price is no longer the first factor that affects the user's purchase of a mobile phone. Relying on Huawei's strong research and development advantages, a high starting point of the Huawei Honor need to be concerned about is to make users really need quality price than mobile phones. The affordable 5C arrives with Kirin 650 processor, known as a solution to the mobile phone card, slow, hot and other users pain points, then the long overdue Huawei Honor play 5C can be in a ticket to stand out in the.

What do you get with Honor 5C? A simple answer

Keep in mind that we do not guarantee that details we are giving here are totally accurate but we love to avoid mistakes. Honor 5Cs another bright spot is Kirin Core processor, from the full disclosure of the article we sent out, this is Huawei's first full Netcom processor, based on the 16nm FinFET plus process, the main clock 2GHz (4 2.0Hz a53+4 1.7GHz A53 compositions). With a 5.2-inch 1080P screen Huawei Honor play 5C size moderate, the grip is very good, show the effect in the thousand machine This level also has nothing to black place.

PowerVR G6200 GPU is good for bright graphics. There is an LED flash on the back of the Honor 5c with a 13MP main and 8-megapixel front camera. The camera has standard features such as f/2.0 aperture, face/smile detection, Panorama, HDR, and 1080p @ 30fps, 720p @ 30fps video recording. On the hardware side, an 8-core 2.0 GHz HiSilicon Kirin 650 processor and the Mali-T880MP2 GPU come with the Honor 5c, 2 GB RAM and 16GB expandable (microSD 128 GB) internal memory option. There is the charm of the Blue series on the top, the Huawei Honor of playing 5C gave me the first impression is difficult to say how high the value of Yan, it should be a more comfortable, less stunning feeling. The Huawei Honors feeling is very resistant, you do not have to carefully worry about the fall of the touch, the quality of the harsh requirements of the honor is naturally reassuring. It gives competition to other brands like Xiaomi.

A good successor

Compared to previous products, the Huawei Honor of playing 5C for the details of the processing further, such as the side of the border of more radian, grip feel will be more mellow, but also add arc edge texture, in the light of a layered sense, enhance the texture of the plastic material expression. The keystrokes and SIM slots are not as good as the high-end models. The microphone is transferred from the back to the bottom, the phone will be flat on the desktop does not affect the sound effect, and with the mic symmetrical design, a stronger sense of unity. Box integrated sound chamber and independent smartphone intelligent amplifier, so that the Huawei Honor of playing 5C out of the effect is very resonant, to meet the poor hearing of the old people's use of demand. Huawei Honor plays 5C also increases the metal element, which is beneficial to heat dissipation. The rear cover uses the aviation aluminum and after the wiredrawing processing, very ingenious with the plastic frame inlaid together, the visual effect is more unified than the upper and lower plastic middle metal design, the feeling also is more exquisite.

Security with Honor 5c

The fingerprint recognition function must not be less, the glorious free play 5C adopts the Sweden FPC 2nd generation Safe Fingerprint identification scheme, the fingerprint recognition accuracy rate and the clock speed all have the good performance. The Huawei Honor emphasizes that the unlock speed that they can do is 0.5 seconds because they have to keep the user's data secure and not abandon the security module because of the pursuit of unlocking speed. In terms of function, the Huawei Honor of the play 5C did not shrink the slightest, in addition to the basic fingerprint unlock, but also provide fingerprint payment, fingerprint dialing, fingerprint open app, fingerprint photography, fingerprint encryption applications and other functions. But also continued to be able to respond to sliding and long by operation characteristics, such as sliding call out the notification bar, double-click Clean up notice, Long press to answer the phone/turn off the alarm clock and so on. Apple has played with fingerprints a lot too.

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