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Huawei Honor 10 Mobile Phones in Pakistan

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Huawei Honor 10 in Pakistan

Honor 10 is very beautiful, the main AI dual photography, high color values, and other characteristics. Don't say much, first look at the Honor 10 hardware configuration, price, and other information. Honor 10 compared to the previous generation of Honor 9, the cancellation of the 4+64GB version, while the 6+64GB version is cheaper, 6+128GB version of the price remains unchanged, the price is obviously more sincere. Honor 10 On the hardware side, the Honor 10 is equipped with a 5.84-inch bangs full screen, equipped with the same Kirin 970 processor with the Honor V10, offers a front 24 million and a rear 16 million + 24 million dual-camera combination, supports face recognition, built-in HiFi, and supports super fast charging, Hardware is the current flagship of the mainstream level. Below, we mainly from the appearance, screen, performance, photo, system, endurance and other aspects of the Honor 10 to conduct a comprehensive evaluation.

Attractive Design

new mobile phones are coming with the full-screen design. Bang full screen, the first gradient glass after the shell, ultrasonic hidden positive fingerprint In front of us also said that the Honor + Digital series flagship better inclined to the design of the breakthrough, will be the value of the first place, the Honor of 10 in the design of the biggest bright spot is the new gradient design, bring cool visual effects. Appearance, Honor 10 using double-sided Glass + metal frame design, the front for the 2.5D curved glass, the back is 3D glass, to provide seagull ash, night Black, Phantom Blue, Phantom purple beautiful color optional. Honor 10 The positive use of this year's popular 19:9 bangs full screen, the positive design style and just released soon quite similar, are all bangs screen +2.5d curved glass + positive ultrasonic fingerprint design.

Among them, the front of the ultrasonic fingerprint identification module "hidden" under the front glass, there is no obvious fingerprint openings. Honor 10 back for the 3D curved glass, parallel double camera design, and the glass shell for the first time added "gradient" process, which is the machine in the design of the largest breakthrough. Honor 10 of the 3D glass back shell pioneered the color-changing aurora coating process, using the optical path difference principle, accurate control of the light in each layer of the spread of the film. When the light shines on the glass back of the Honor 10, through the layers of the nanometer wave texture diaphragm, the beam will produce wonderful diffraction interference and refraction, resulting in a rich, infinitely changing color light, resulting in a cool gradient effect. In other respects, the 10 body bottom still retains the 3.5mm interface and is equipped with the popular SB type-c data interface.

Of course, the Honor 10 is not 100% perfect, because no screen fingerprint design, although there is hidden fingerprint design, the chin is still wide, this is the design of the most spit slot. Kirin 970 domestic core plus Honor 10 performance evaluation On the screen, the Honor 10 is equipped with a 5.84-inch TFT LCD screen material, belongs to the domestic Tianma screen, AMOLED screen. In terms of quality, LCD screen compared to AMOLED screen has a certain gap, but the naked eye can feel the difference is not big. Performance, the Honor 10 is carried by Huawei phones popular Kirin 970 domestic chip, 64-bit eight nuclear design, and joined the artificial intelligence support. CPU specifications, Kirin 970 using 4xa73@2.36ghz+4xa53@1.8ghz Eight nuclear architecture, built-in 12 core Mali G72 Graphics core, based on the current state-of-the-art 10nm process technology, energy efficiency upgrade of 20%.

Honor 10 worth Buying? With the high processor flagship running points, belonging to the current mainstream flagship machine performance standards. Although Kirin 970 in the overall performance has been good, Apple A11, but still belongs to the high-end performance level, combined with 6GB large memory, performance can still meet all kinds of large game needs, performance is still absolutely enough. In terms of screen and performance, the Honor 10 is now not the strongest level, but it is fully adequate. In addition, the impact of the ZTE phones ban, many people today are aware of the importance of supporting the domestic core, and Honor 10 with the domestic top chip and screen, from this point of view, it is worth some praise.

Ai Dual Camera

Honor 10 is the main point is the color value and photo, obviously photographed is also the core of the machine, the following we will take a look at the camera experience part. For camera specifications, the Honor 10 is equipped with a front 24 million high pixel camera, f/2.0 aperture, support for fixed focal length. The front camera also supports portrait mode, supporting 1080P video recording, and so on. Pre-camera to add pixel polymerization technology, enhance the photosensitive ability, with AI intelligent complementary light and AI natural beauty, dark light or backlight under the camera can be photographed clearly. The Honor 10 rear 16 million pixels (color) + 24 million pixels (Black-and-white) dual camera, the specification is also very high, f/1.8 large aperture, support autofocus (depth focus/phase focus/contrast focus), while supporting the 4K video recording, support dual-camera portrait mode. Honor 10 combined with AI depth, AI scene recognition (22 categories of tags 500+), AI partition tuning (recognition area, crop and color), AI portrait Close-up (virtual nature, skin color really), Ai horizontal line composition (composition reminder), Ai portrait photo (Everyone is the protagonist).

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