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Huawei Enjoy 8e Mobile Phones in Pakistan


Huawei Enjoy 8E Price in Pakistan

Huawei Enjoy 8e is affordable smartphone, the latest station in the mobile phone update is really changing, especially now many phones comprehensive screen arrival, but also let the development of domestic mobile phone speed, affordable phones user groups are very large. If you are a student or a newcomer to the workplace, the affordable phone is a good fit for you. Now the mid-range phone in performance and quality has done very good, in the course of operation will not be cotton, fully meet your needs, Huawei recently released a "audio and video strength" Huawei Enjoy 8e not only used 18:9 comprehensive screen, but also in the audio on a bold attempt. For young users to bring a different audio-visual entertainment experience. At the same time, after the double cameras, personalized colorful body, safe and reliable fingerprint unlock, face unlock function, these advantages will also make it in the mobile phone market eye-catching.

This is tall

Keep in mind that we do not guarantee that details we are giving here are totally accurate but we love to avoid mistakes. 5.7-inch high-definition full screen view larger; Huawei Enjoy 8e adopts a 5.7-inch 18:9 new ratio of high-definition full screen, to bring the user with a very powerful visual sense, and high-definition resolution of the big screen so that the phone in the play and games, more clear and delicate screen expression. In addition, benefits from the slender body ratio, but also greatly enhance the grip feeling. The appearance design is exquisite. The front of the body covers a 2.5D arc glass, because the use of a comprehensive screen design, the front body does not match any buttons, only a more familiar with the LOGO, simple and exquisite.

The body design is dazzling; Mobile phones in the box Huawei Enjoy 8e is the use of bright surface treatment, the official said NCVM True gold plating process, looks like a kind of stainless steel polishing, and the back of the matte sanding in sharp contrast. From the side, Huawei enjoy the 8e ultra-thin design will make you a bright, thin appearance set in the elegant arc border, not only is visually beautiful, will let you have a long grip of comfort, feel better.

Better specs and camera

Up and down neatly, the interface more intimate; In the interface design, the bottom and left and right are symmetrical speakers, the middle is the microUSB interface, the bottom is the 3.5mm headphone interface, the left side is a SIM card slot, the right side is the power button and volume key, intimate design, both beautiful and practical. Huawei Free 8e front with 5MP lens, with the built-in rich photo function, whether it is to take pictures or a variety of production expressions can be "one key" to complete. And the smart light of the front, but also can intelligently adjust the brightness of light, even in the dark light can be photographed beautifully from the photo. After the camera using 13MP + 2MP high-definition dual camera lens, with hardware on the gator, compared to a single camera, virtual more real more natural. From the proofs can be seen Huawei enjoy 8e shooting effect is very clear, the details are very delicate.

Even if the photo is under the background of the details have reservations, after the virtual effect of the main performance is outstanding, in the context of the processing and other mobile phones, not too much of the virtual, but there is a real natural effect. Some people not only need high-definition full screen film visual feast to enjoy, but also want to have excellent sound quality effect, Huawei Enjoy enjoy 8e is pocket sound, has a strong musical expression. Huawei can enjoy a maximum of 8e out of the loudness up to 88 db even if the music to the maximum volume will not be broken, sound quality is still very good. In your spare time you can open Huawei enjoy 8e feel the music brought to you the wonderful sound. The Huawei free to enjoy 8e to add real-time headset function, put on headphones you can realize hear their own voice, so more convenient adjustment pitch, to prevent the sound.

Today's mobile phone market is expanding, in addition to the fierce competition of the flagship phone, the mid-range phone is a little slow step will be left behind the rhythm, so any enterprise dare not have a slight snub.

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