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HTC U12 life Mobile Phones in Pakistan


HTC U12 Life

HTC U12 Life is a powerful smartphone you can buy at a little high price. In addition to its probably the only flagship of U12 + in 2018, HTC can delight product connoisseurs from one of the most popular smartphone brands in the recent past, as well as the HTC U12 Life middle-class device. It is possible that one of its noticeable at first glance features this device will be similar to the IPhone X. It is still unknown whether the HTC tradition will continue to produce two flagships each year. For many modern users, it is obvious that a new approach to the creation of HTC devices is needed. HTC smartphones are not sold very well, even during the pre-holiday shopping. However, as reported, the company will continue to please its novelties.

Specs and performance

HTC has not introduced this handset officially yet. But we can take a look at leaks and rumors to know what this phone could be. Keep in mind that information given on this page can go wrong but we like to avoid mistakes. To date, you might get so many prospective image of the new device, which would show whether the screen will be a new cut. Will this cut be relatively small, as in other phones? Or will it be larger, similar to the cut that is typical of the iPhone X display? It is assumed that more likely to appear in the screen U12 Life relatively large cut. The upcoming release of flagship smartphone HTC U12 + was reported in a previously. Although HTC has recently sold a large part of its mobile unit

The intended image of the device, known under the code name HTC Imagine, appeared in the network in mid-March of the current year. On it the novelty is shown both in front and at the back. Like last year's U11 +, the HTC U12 + will be characterized by thin screen frames, not yet shown to the public. The design of the premium smartphone in question is characterized by rounded corners. The difference between the novelty of U11 + will be its dual camera, which combines 16-and 12-megapixel sensors. Moreover, the double camera will be equipped with the front panel of the coming mobile device. It's probably complete two 8-megapixel sensors. Double cameras have become one of the features of modern smartphones, as, however, and thin screen frames, which in addition to the external appeal also give the opportunity to make the phone smaller size with a larger screen, which is very It is important for modern devices with giant displays.

The front panel of U12 + will be almost completely occupied by its 6-inch LCD screen with WQHD + resolution. However, for a selfie camera there still will be a place on a thin top frame, just as it is implemented in the relatively recently introduced HTC U11 EYEs. The volume of RAM of the new flagship from HTC will make 6 gigabytes. The capacity of the built-in drive is likely to vary depending on the version and will be 64 or 128 gigabytes. It is also expected to support the flagship device of MicroSD memory cards, allowing to extend the available user capacity of the drive. Food novelty will be provided by its battery capacity of 3420 mah.

Should you buy this?

In order to compete with others, HTC mobile needs to be very careful. There is a flood of high-end flagships coming especially from China. So many Chinese brands are working in markets of smartphones and they are dropping very innovative options. What do you want? They will try to cover every single need you have in your mind. Normally, their smartphones coming with an all-screen design without irritating with think bezels. The trend of having no bezels is on its peak. The trend of having multiple cameras is also on high level which lead photographers to have excellent result and ditch their regular professional digital cameras. And one more thing with those phones, they are quite cheap. They do not cost a lot but do offer a wide range of features you might want.

If you take a look at HTC U12 price in Pakistan, HTC phone price is high when compared to other. But if you do no take care of money, the HTC U12 Life can be your choice of time.

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