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Google Pixel 3 XL Mobile Phones in Pakistan

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Google pixel 3

The google pixel is expected to be introduced soon. There will be expectedly pixel 3 and pixel 3 xl, these devices are not very popular because of some limited range of features. But they are trying to attract, as a rule, all the main announcements can occur at the end of the year, and more precisely in the autumn. These even do not come to many regions of the world because of a company’s limited capacity. Now on the market, there is an unpleasant tendency to increase the cost of devices. These phones might cost high and as a result, the sale can go down. Expectedly, they will cost more than PKR 95,000.


Starting with the first generation of phone, it arrived with large glass inserts on the back of the smartphone. The novelty can get this design element again. Perhaps the company will follow Xiaomi and Samsung and make the whole back of the whole glass. In addition, a dual camera, microphone, and Flash are located at the back. The company is expected to copy many popular companies on many fronts. The front panel will not stand out for anything special. Almost the entire area will take the display from edge to edge. There is also a space for the front camera and various sensors. It is noteworthy that neither the back nor the front will be a fingerprint scanner. Most likely, it will be displayed directly in the display.

On the end, there are buttons for volume control, a tray under the SIM and a USB Type-C connector. Mini-Jack will be lost, so you can connect wired headphones only through the charging port. Reportedly, the phone will receive a 5.8-inch OLED display with a resolution of 2560 x 1312. The pixel density reaches a value of almost 500 PPI. Thanks to such a huge figure, you should expect excellent detail from the display. The OLED matrix will also do its job and provide high contrast, sharpness, and saturation. Although not everyone likes the "core " colors, Google, of course, correctly adjust the display to get a natural picture.

One of the main features of the new display will be the built-in fingerprint scanner, the company will copy it from Vivo X20. Talk about the introduction of this technology directly into the screen go a long time, so the company can copy Chinese brands. The sensor detects the finger not on the entire area, but only in a certain area of the display. But this is enough for fast and accurate reading. Unfortunately, only 5 prints can be added to the database. Also from the interesting features of the Pixel screen is remarkable the function of adapting the color scheme to the current lighting. Thanks to this feature, the image on this display look natural, and the eyes are less tired. The hardware base of the smartphone will be the Octa-core processor, the chipset is expected to receive 8 cores, half of which will be productive, and the rest are energy efficient. Also, the novelty will have a graphics accelerator and more.

It should be noted that the output power will be compatible with the high-resolution display. This is important because, for example, Samsung artificially underestimated the number of pixels displayed to 1920 x 1080 to reduce the CPU load. It can use even Samsung’s 7nm chipset. As for the memory, here is also all right. The size of the permanent storage will vary. Probably will present versions on 64, 128 and 256 GB. Models are selected for people with different usage scenarios, so ended all. The lack of slot under the MicroSD card is not depressing. As for RAM, Google Pixel 3 will have a whole 6 GB. The value is large by smartphone standards, so the browser and Application tabs will not reboot. Also, this amount of RAM is important for the system as a whole. Therefore, the latest version of Android will feel good in combination with this "Iron ".


It can receive a dual camera. Both matrices on 12 MP: the first with aperture f/1.7, the second-f/2.4. Optical stabilization will be at both sensors. In this regard, the smartphone repeats the capabilities of Mi Mix 2s and Galaxy S9. But it does not downplay the fact that the novelty is excellent to remove in any light. Probably, the new impetus will receive the function HDR +, which allows you to get the correct exposure in all areas of the photo. Others have started using more than two cameras like Galaxy S10 is expected to offer three cameras for the rear side of the phone.

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