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Energizer Power Max P20 Mobile Phones in Pakistan


Energizer Power Max P20

Looking for a feature phone with great battery life? Focus on Energizer Power Max P20, this phone has a small 2.8 inches display and 4MP internal memory with 4MB RAM. This phone has a faster processor, the Spreadtrum SC6531E. And this is a great battery conscious smartphone, it has a 4000mAh battery which can offer 31days of battery life on standby. Overall, it stays in life up 40 hours of 2G.

Smartphone-the gadget, without which a modern man to do is quite difficult. But none of its functions will work if the battery "sits". Today smartphones with removable batteries are found less and less often, so you need to properly handle the installed in the device by default. It is easy to do this if you follow a few simple rules. To prolong the life of the battery it is not necessary to keep the Wi-Fi and GPS constantly on and spend a lot of time on the game. Use your phone is worth it as needed, not by habit. But there are other secrets that will keep the battery working for a long time. For sure, many have heard about the "memory effect" of the battery. It is that if you do not "teach" the accumulators to fully disclose their potential, discharging them completely and then charging to 100%, they "lose" part of their capacity. But modern devices use lithium-ion batteries, and they need to be charged differently. Energizer phones are good for battery lovers. Keep in mind that we do not guarantee that details we are giving here are totally accurate but we love to avoid mistakes.

Energizer Power Max P20 is a great long battery life phone. To get the most out of the lithium-ion battery, you need to ensure that the charge level does not fall below 50%. On the one hand, it means that the battery should be charged as often as possible, but on the other-few people will want its battery to overheated (which in the case of lithium-ion batteries is possible). Fortunately, the new chargers are smart enough to help the user cope with this problem-they automatically turn off when the phone is charged. Most manufacturers have roughly the same number of charging cycles: If you charge the battery from scratch, the battery will withstand 400-600 cycles of charging, and if with 10-20%-1000-1100 cycles.

A serious enemy of lithium-ion batteries-heat. The battery of the smartphone will wear much faster in conditions of high temperatures, regardless of whether the device is used or not. At an average temperature of zero degrees Celsius, the lithium-ion battery will lose 6% of the maximum power per year. Many portable chargers use this. If the temperature in the street + 25 degrees, then this figure will increase to 20%, and if + 40 degrees, the year the battery will lose a whopping 35% of power. Do not go into extremes and keep the phone in the refrigerator, but also leave the phone in a car that is hot in the sun, too, should not. Wireless charging is certainly convenient, but there are a number of drawbacks. Inductive, cordless chargers have one unpleasant feature-they heat the battery. And, as it has been said, lithium-ion batteries do not tolerate overheating.

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