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Elephone U Pro Mobile Phones in Pakistan

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Elephone U Pro price in Pakistan

Elephone U Pro price in Pakistan is around PKR 50,000. You do not want spend a lot on Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and Elephone U Pro wants to help. Chinese companies release devices more and more for covering needs of people more and more. So many Chinese third-tier brands produce their smartphones on budget or chips from the company Mediatek, as they are cheap and competitive. Not so many devices do go others, but Elephone has potential to do so. Elephone has introduced the cool novelty called U Pro (S9), which received a different processer, an Octa-Core processor. The device offers a powerful processor, and large widescreen AMOLED display, and memory is enough, but what is the point of buying it? On the market there is for a similar cost flagships Galaxy S9, steep OnePlus 5T, which costs almost 2 times cheaper. Initially, before the advent of the smartphone on sale, many bloggers and media assumed that the phone will be habitually cheap. That is, interesting and externally, and the internal parameters of a smartphone with a price tag of no more than 300-350 dollars would allow the Elephone very loudly to shoot, and its device can fly faster than hot cakes.

Elephone U Pro (S9) design, screen and performance

The appearance of the device is attractive and for that is a simple reason-it is almost a copy of the Galaxy S9 Plus. In the front the device practically does not differ from the Korean flagship, and behind at all differences are limited in other kind of the main chamber. I would like to tell more about its appearance, but what is the point, if it is a copy of the Galaxy, which does not offer anything new. The only thing that Elephone U Pro wins is the presence of interesting options for the color of the case: black, red, blue and gray. The display in the smartphone is represented by a large widescreen matrix 18:9 with a diagonal of 6 inches. The display resolution 2160 x 1080 pixels, the AMOLED matrix, occupies up to 83% of the front panel area has 2.5-rounding and a curved like Galaxy S9 Plus, demonstrating coverage of the NTSC color range to 103%. Tempered glass of Gorilla glass 5 is used to protect the screen. On display There is nothing wrong to say: bright, juicy, contrasting. However, if you compare it with competitors, then there is nothing supernatural it offers. You don't have to, you say no, for 50k else!

Performance and stability of Elephone U Pro is good. Not offended the manufacturer of its Elephone U Pro and the amount of memory. The minimum availability of phone’s memory is 4/64 GB, and the maximum of 6/128 GB-production. The type of RAM is LPDDR4X, which works in two-channel mode on the frequency up to 1866 MHz, and the built-in UFS 2.1. The fact that Elephone U Pro supports memory cards up to 1 TB is also important.

Beautiful camera

This phone has a dual 13 MP cameras setup which consists of one RGB and one monochrome sensors. As stated in the company itself, one sensor stores information about RGB-colors, the second mono-matrix stores information about the brightness and detail of the image. The hardware algorithm glues the image, allowing to achieve high sharpness, color, detailing with minimal amount of noise. Support of phase Autofocus and portrait mode with background blur is also stated. Elephone offers so good photos result with dual camera. The front camera is an 8 MP and the ability to record video only in HD. When it comes to cameras, Chinese are doing well. They are working to offer what people love at budget and we appreciate their efforts.

Battery and connectivity

Fast charging make matter, we love to have as long battery as possible. The phone comes with a 3350mAh battery and there is support for quick Charge 3.0 fast charging through the USB port Type-C 2.0. Speaking of the scanner-IT projects 128 points on the face of the owner, thus creating a map of the face (the IPhone X such points 30000) and just in 0.08 seconds the device can get unlocked. However, there is a fingerprint scanner for every firefighter. Is there any chance Elephone U Pro with its price tag at least somehow attract attention? It is good and this should attract the people.

If you are looking for a mid-range phone that can give you a lot but does not bite your pocket a lot, you should focus on alternatives. Picking an alternative is good to save cost. And this phone is very attractive alternative to flagships that are popular in market. Picking a mid-range phone at not very high price is not very easy. But Chinese vendors have worked a lot to get rid of this issue for users of the market.

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