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Elephone S8 Mobile Phones in Pakistan

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Elephone S8 Price in Pakistan

Elephone S8 price in Pakistan is PKR 26,000. Looking for a stunning bezel-free revolution but don’t fancy dropping a grand on the iPhone X, you should be pleased to know there is a cheaper way into the market. Phones like the Elephone S8 is available with decent specs but at normal price. It has a 6.0 inch 2560 x 1440 pixels screen with Corning Gorilla glass Display,with RAM 4GB and 64GB ROM. This is one of interesting phone available at not very high price under an eye-catching design that can make you comfortable a lot with a wide range of features.

Elephone S8 Specifications

This is a low cost price for high productivity that often bear more than a passing resemblance to rival phones. The company traditionally focused on offering impressive specs and power for a budget price. It features a stunning quad-HD resolution display which is almost entirely bezel-free. The use of glossy, fingerprint-attracting plastic on the back is good, the chassis is aluminum and gives the phone a reassuring heft. The volume and power buttons are both metal too, and can be found on the right-hand edge of the handset. The dual SIM card is on the left edge and the button side is covered with a USB Type-C port and the single speaker. You have no 3.5mm headphone socket but you can use a USB Type-C to 3.5mm port adapter. The home button hides a surprisingly swift fingerprint scanner, which performed flawlessly. A single tap takes you one step back in the UI, while a double tap returns you to the main home screen.

The company is focusing on the overseas market for mobile phone integrators. The use of a comprehensive screen double-sided 3D glass design look good. The screen extends directly to the top, visually stunning and stunning configuration, using the MediaTek processor MTK Helio X25 (mt6797t) 10 Core, metal box, memory is good, 4+64GB large memory, screen for 6-inch screen, 2K Super HD sharp screen ( 1440x2560). Front 8mp+ with Sony IMX220-21MP Camera, WIFI-AC dual-frequency network, dual positioning system, 4000 ma battery, pe+ fast charging technology. Hall, electronic compass, gyroscope sensor, type-c positive and negative plug connector can connect headphones, front fingerprint identification. The appearance of the true beauty value of the palm of the material, look forward to the popularity of the price, it is worth the friends to explore. That appearance, processor, camera sensor, these major parts in the actual use of the performance is better to lead you to good experience.

See here, may be someone thought this phone compared to the other products does not seem to make much progress. The physical and not the next door of the Vivo X21 so the IPhone X, the overall appearance of the phone is bright. This is mainly for two reasons to buy, one is the change in the design and second is performance. The phone in the appearance is eye-catching, it gives a look that appeal beautifully. The company has not yet got the dream version of the machine for a long time experience, but shoppers may feel happy a lot with and its feel is better than the standard version. The device is packed in a very simple package, over the design of which did not become bother. For its production, a thin cardboard is design, and of the design features can be noted except that the manufacturer's logo. 

The appearance of the smartphone does not carry anything surprising, we are offered a typical gadget, but the materials are not stingy. The display, around the perimeter, surround the frame width of 1.5 mm.

Camera Is Powerful

Elephone S8 4g Phablet camera application is good to use. The main camera is the 21MP with Sony imx220 module and Aperture F/2.0. The pixel size in it reaches 1.12 microns. This module is already outdated, it was introduced in 2014 and at that time was installed in the first smartphone series Z from Sony. It is possible to get usable pictures on the camera, but of course the quality will be above the order of day. Maximum resolution for capturing 4k video at 30 fps is good. There is auto-focus, digital zoom, HDR mode, variety of filters and shooting modes. You can also set your preferences, which is useful for advanced users. Front camera is 8MP and is built on the Sony imx219 module, which can be used to get good selfie for social networks. The video is written in a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels, a bit, but on Front-cam it is not so important. 

When it comes to battery. Elephone S8 works on a battery with a capacity of 4000 mAh. This is impressive, but do not forget that the display received a diagonal of 6 inches at QHD resolution, and in addition used a powerful but not the most energy efficient processor, which gives the average results of autonomy. The smartphone has received support for the fast charging option, which leads that 100% from scratch is dialed for 2 hours is possible.

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