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Elephone A4 Pro Mobile Phones in Pakistan


Elephone A4 Pro

So you are looking for a cheap solution but with some decent features under an elegant design? Well! The Elephone A4 Pro is optimized to meet your needs at a high level. This is tall and faster to run you all fast while connecting with friends and family. This is an affordable option you can pick for many reasons if you do not like to spend a lot or at least if you want to stay away from useless options available in the market of mobile phones. Nowadays, so many trendy features we can find on a wide range of smartphones. But many of them are very expensive and so many people can stay away because of high price tags. But Elephone has the talent to bring that stuff at the budget. The Elephone A4 Pro comes with an all-screen design and with a so-called notch. It does cost around PKR 15,000 only but does give a beautiful experience with eye-catching design and faster performance.

Design, Performance, and more

The Elephone Pro has some decent specs. It has an all-screen design with the extensive screen-to-body ratio which leads you to have more content to view on many apps, especially if you are a serious e-reader, you would like this function. This is very large, Elephone has used a 5.8 inches screen under full-screen design. This display features an 18.9:9 ratio to immerse your viewing experience on a budget segment. It features HD+ resolution, 720 x 1512 pixels at this aspect ratio. More, the phone has an Octa-Core processor for running your apps smoothly. It has an Octa-Core MT6763 chipset, with the assistance of 4GB RAM. More, it has a 64GB ROM which you can expand up to 256GB with the help of external SD card slot. You should not run into so many hangouts when some using some heavily productive apps on this smartphone with these specifications.

So what about photography experience? This is another important part so many of us think about when buying a new handset. At very low price tag, the company has a 16MP camera you can use to shoot very sharp images and record full HD videos at 30 frames per second. The set of photography is normal but this is good at such a low price tag. Furthermore, you get an 8MP front-facing camera. An interesting point, you get LED on both sides of a smartphone so you can have more light when shooting at the valuable environment. Elephone has packed this smartphone with a 3000mAh battery you can charger fast, this smartphone supports 5V/2A fast charging. What is more? One more trendy function you do get with such a low-priced handset. It has a fingerprint sensor as well, you can unlock the handset with side-mounted fingerprint sensor you can use to stay secure.

Despite the variety of brand phones, most consumers pay attention to the cost. Not everyone can afford extra costs for the brand. However, and there is no need for this because many topical manufacturers are oriented to the budget segment and offer enough functional and quality solutions in relation to price-quality. We suggest considering the rating of smartphones at the price of PKR up to 20 000, so you can see the truth of the above words. The top is based on the opinion of independent consumers who have already managed to assess the advantages of the products of undistinguished developers of technology.

Should you buy A4 Pro?

Yes, you can buy this handset from a Chinese handset maker. Chinese companies are expert in making very cheap options but giving you premium like experience running on some powerful hardware.

This is a clone to Xiaomi Mi 8 and iPhone X for a very low price tag. It does over so many trendy stuff under a trendy design and even the handset is dashing in look and feel. Elephone has beautifully covered different aspects so many people take care of when buying a new handset. And with all that decent features, the smartphone does not cost a lot. This is not as powerful as flagships we talked about but what you can get at such as low price? Elephone A4 Pro price - I would like to say that Elephone has a manufactured a smartphone with trendy things at a low price and it is worth paying attention to.

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