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Blackberry KEY2 Mobile Phones in Pakistan


BlackBerry Key2

BlackBerry Key2 is a beautiful-looking smartphone for physical-keyboard lovers. So many people would like to prefer it if they are not happy with those on-screen tricks. Unlike Keyone, who, to a certain extent, tried to flirt with potential buyers with its body similar to the iPhone and shiny glass buttons, KEY2 is a return to the classics, if you can call the classics the best, according to many, BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition. "Why could not just make BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition in 2018?" — the answer is simple: By default, to access new customers with old trends. However, despite its cult status, BlackBerry Passport has not become a real popular device. It should compete with many major phones like Vivo V9.

Design and body

The BlackBerry KEY2 design is a traditional combination of materials such as metal and rubber-coated plastics for BlackBerry smartphones. The BlackBerry KEY2 body is made of aviation aluminum. It has quite simple and angular forms. All control keys are volume buttons, Shutdown/Lock key, and the quick access key is also made of aluminum and now all are on the right side of the smartphone. At the top are a 3.5 mm connector, a lower USB Type-C and a speaker and microphone grille. In contrast to the previous models, the BlackBerry KEY2, at the stage of launch, will be available in two colors-silver and black. It's a matter of taste, but you may prefer the silver version. The rear panel is made of rubbery plastic with a pattern in the form of Rhombs, which again reminds us of the BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition, as well as the design of the keyboard, again become matte and pleasant to the touch.

However, the main change in comparison with Keyone, a change in the ergonomics of the device. It has been significantly improved by making KEY2 a millimeter thinner and a few millimeters longer. Thanks to this, the weight reduction by 12 grams and the fact that the screen KEY2 moved up, and its keys are 20% higher, the smartphone now has a completely different balance. In fact, the KEY2 keys are exactly the same height as the BlackBerry Passport keys. KEY2 can feel like the most convenient for printing BlackBerry. In addition to the new design, the keyboard KEY2 got a new function-the Speed key, replacing the right SHIFT key. If you had to go to the main screen before to go to another application, now preset or assigned shortcuts will work from any application, even with the active text Input window, just press Speed Key and fast Key-and you will instantly go to the application you need it is much faster to work with the phone and increases your efficiency. Another nice detail-the fingerprint scanner in the SPACEBAR has become much larger and not so protrudes from the keyboard. Keep in mind that we do not guarantee that details we are giving here are totally accurate but we love to avoid mistakes.

Powerful Specs

The Octa-Core processor, thanks its efficiency and more efficient power consumption, as well as the ability to work in multitasking mode, looks much more interesting. KEY2 works on the basis of the octa-core chip and has 6GB of RAM-it is more than enough to solve any everyday problems. At the startup, the stage will be available versions with 64GB and 128GB of RAM (only for the version in Black), which, of course, can be increased using a memory card MicroSD format. For individual markets will be available versions with support for two SIM cards, and in this case, the ability to select a version with 128GB memory-looks very attractive.

KEY2 received a battery of 3500 mah and in addition to the fast charging (just like others, like OnePlus 6), has the function of the intelligent use of the battery, thanks to which the smartphone, based on your daily habits, recommends Optimal charging time to fully use your smartphone until the end of your next meeting, flight or event. The question you may get worried about was the display KEY2 and alas, my worst assumptions were justified. It's exactly the same as the Keystone. Unfortunately, the light bluish shade, which annoyed me so much on the first version of the smartphone from BlackBerry Mobile-did not go anywhere. However, if you do not have to take pictures of your device often, trying to align the color balance of the device and the studio light-you hardly pay attention to it.

The good news is the promised improvement in voice quality when talking, but without a detailed test to talk about it early. BlackBerry KEY2 also equipped with a dual camera with a resolution of 12 MP, automatic balance adjustment White, fast autofocus, improved image stabilization system, offering a level of photography previously not available for brand smartphones. BlackBerry KEY2 has new shooting modes, such as portrait mode and Superzoom. In portrait mode, users can make professional-looking photos with the effect of studio light. Optical zoom, using the technology of multi-frame noise reduction for the best result, allows you to take detailed pictures, even from a great distance. It can inspire others and compete with many brands including Xiaomi (one major brand in innovations).

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