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Blackberry Evolve X Mobile Phones in Pakistan


BlackBerry Evolve X

BlackBerry Evolve X is a budget handset with some decent hardware inside. It has even heavy battery capacity you can use to have more than a one-day battery life easily. This is among the first BlackBerry phones with a display with the current in 2018 aspect ratio of 18:9. It is packed with an Octa-Core processor with 6 GB RAM and 64 GB of internal memory. As for the camera, it can offer you the best camera experience.

The blackberry new phone Evolve X is a large sized (5.99-inches display) handset with some mid-range specs. Now almost all manufacturers have completely stopped releasing compact smartphones, making only large "shovels". People pay attention only to the large screen, forgetting the secondary parameters. In addition to the diagonal are also the ratio of the sides of the matrix, the thickness of the frames on the sides and bottom, the ratio of the total area of the panel to the square matrix. If you delve deeper and look not only at the diagonal, you can find interesting smartphones of small size.


Along with BlackBerry mobile Evolve X, the company also introduced a simple BlackBerry Evolve. Both Evolve and Evolve X has a rubberized plastic back panel, which not only looks cool but also helps to easily capture the phone. Despite the fact that smartphones have a battery, a capacity of 4000 mah, they are quite light and easy to hold in one hand. Evolve has a rectangular camera body and a square fingerprint sensor, which is slightly larger than the circular sensor, on the Evolve x. The cameras on the Evolve x are placed in the Oval case. Our initial impressions, from fingerprint sensors, were not positive. The sensors on both phones were accurate but slow and the tuning process took much longer than we expected. Face recognition is also supported by both smartphones, but the feature worked sluggishly during our limited test. However, we will not change our opinion on these functions until we have the opportunity to spend more time with these devices.

Evolve has rounded edges, and Evolve X has square, with the sides. Both phones have a textured power button and volume on the right side-large, tactile and well located. On the left side is the SIM tray and the USB Type-C port is at the bottom. We are glad to see that the BlackBerry has not got rid of the 3.5 mm headphone jack that is at the top. The BlackBerry Evolve and Evolve X are equipped with a 5.99-inch LCD display, Full HD + (1080 X 2160 pixels), with an aspect ratio of 18:9, oleophobic coating and maximum brightness of 500 nits. During our limited time working with the device, we found that the display is satisfactory, with perforated colors and good viewing angles.

BlackBerry smartphone runs on Octa-core processor, BlackBerry Evolve and Evolve X, paired with 6 GB of RAM. Evolve, in comparison, does this with the Octa-Core processor and 4GB of RAM. During our limited time with Evolve X, it worked perfectly, with beautiful animations and minimal application loading time. However, working with Evolve was a different story. We experienced a delay while navigating the user interface and the phone froze twice, during our practical period of use. The final performance score will be at our full review when we can run apps and synthetic tests on both phones. Both smartphones have 64 GB of built-in memory that can be expanded using MicroSD card, as well as a battery capacity of 4000 mah with support for fast charging. The company promises, on standby mode-21 days of work, 24 hours in a talk mode 4g and 45 hours.

Should you pick this?

BlackBerry has finally started making handsets covering the needs and demands of people. The company has almost stopped trying to invent something different that can look different than others. This handset is one nice example you can take to see this fact. Blackberry mobile price is a little normal, this is tall and packed with some mid-range hardware you can use. Along with this, you get a dual camera setup which can capture daylight and low-light shots very impressively. With all this, Blackberry price can feel a little high, the company is charging a little more, when compared to others. Xiaomi has many impressive handsets at a lower price so many people would like to buy.

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