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Asus Max Pro M1 Mobile Phones in Pakistan


Asus Max Pro M1

Asus is not averse to repeat the success of the Chinese manufacturer and recently announced the smartphone ZenFone Max Pro M1, which offers similar features to Xiaomi Redmi 5. The latter is particularly interesting because it is for Asus change on the software front. The Taiwanese manufacturer mentioned that decided to switch to the stock version of Android after receiving feedback from buyers, so the company listens to its customers. Zenfone is not bad in terms of hardware components. It also works on the Octa-Core processor and 4GB RAM/64GB ROM. The battery is even larger with a value of 5000 mah, which is one of the best indicators in this price segment. In addition, the smartphone is cheaper compared to the device Xiaomi. At first glance, it seems that ZenFone Max Pro will be a profitable purchase. Hardware components are not inferior redmi Note 5 Pro, the interface is significantly different from the oversaturated shell MIUI.

If it were necessary to describe ZenFone in one word, it would be the word "unremarkable." The machine is made of metal, but its simple back surface and plastic antenna at the top and bottom make it look like smartphones 2016. In terms of design, there is nothing special to rejoice in.

Not heavy, and powerful

The build quality is good, but it does not have the same strength that the smartphone. Because of the large battery capacity of 5000, mah weighs it 180 g, whereas Redmi Note 5 Pro weighs 181 g. It does not seem that the metal case is as durable as that of other budget smartphones.

It has 5.99 inches display, aspect ratio 18:9, resolution FHD +. It covers 85% of NTSC color range, maximum brightness reaches 450 nits. There was no problem with reading under the sun. Ambient brightness mode does not work well in low light, which makes it necessary to manually increase the brightness. In addition, the screen is not protected by Gorilla glass or other similar glass, so it is advisable to buy a protector to ensure that there are no scratches and cracks.

Zenfone Max Pro M1 is excellent in terms of internal components, as this smartphone is one of the fastest in its category. It has 3GB RAM and 32 GB ROM as I said above. There is also a version of the device with a memory configuration of 4GB/64GB. In the future, Asus is possibly going to release a version of 6/64 GB. The company did not abandon the headphone jack 3.5 mm, but the outdated MicroUSB connector is used instead of the modern USB-C. There is a separate slot for MicroSD memory card, as well as two compartments for SIM-cards.

Everyday work, for the most part, is smooth, but optimization is not enough. For example, when switching between applications there are lags. The sound from the only speaker in the bottom of the case is not bad, the delivery kit includes an accessory max-box to amplify the maximum sound 1.7 times. It is made of cardboard and fastened with magnets, the smartphone is installed in it vertically, thanks to which a camera is created to direct the sound outward. In terms of autonomy ZenFone, Max Pro M1 did not disappoint. Developers promise to play 1080p video for more than 25 hours. In a short time of acquaintance with the smartphone claims to the duration of work was not. The time of operation with the screen turned on for two days exceeded 6 hours, including the initial setting. After that, the charge level was above 30%.

This smartphone has drawbacks. The fingerprint scanner is one of the slowest in smartphones of the last two years. Two times out of three he refuses to recognize the finger, and even if he learns it from the first time, the speed of entering the system is still low. There is a face unlock, also not too reliable. As for communication, the device contains the standard Wi-Fi b/g/n, therefore to networks on the frequency of 5 GHz not to connect. Supported by VoLTE, but the symbol in the status bar is absent, Asus promises to add it in the future.

Good to use

The camera here is average, the sensor OmniVision 16880, the quality of which is inferior to the analog in Redmi Note 5 Pro, which is noticeable by the photos. The smartphone focuses slowly, even with good lighting photos concede to other devices at the same price. Taking into account the transition of Asus to a clean version of Android could be used Android one. Developers say that this would lead to a postponement of the release of the smartphone, and the company is in a hurry to earn until the competition did not. This year, the budget smartphones will be much more, so time plays an important role. Because of this the device seems not fully worked out. It is necessary to work on the software, the camera also needs to be set up. Let hardware components are the same that on Redmi Note 5 Pro, the interaction with the user smartphone Asus inferior.

In his favor can be price and availability. Xiaomi is not yet able to compete on an equal basis with Samsung or even OPPO and Vivo when it comes to satisfaction of demand, this Asus can use.

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