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Apple iPhone 6s Mobile Phones in Pakistan

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iPhone 6S Price in Pakistan

Apple iPhone 6s price in Pakistan is around PKR 55,000. Taller, stronger, and impressive to shoot beautiful shots. What does the best phone should offer? The Apple iPhone 6s has tried to cover many reasons people take care of while entering in the market for buying a new smartphone. Nowadays, smartphones have become more than just calling and chatting in our lives. They have seen massive progress in last two decades and Apple has played a vital role in the progress of smartphone industry. It is a passion of company to create innovative smartphones that inspire the world on many fronts. And iPhone 6s is one good example to prove what we are talking. The iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus (adapted and promoted as iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus) are cell phones outlined, created and showcased by Apple Inc. They were declared on September 9, 2015, at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco by Apple CEO Tim Cook, with pre-orders starting September 12 and authority discharge on September 25, 2015. The iPhone 6S Plus were prevailing by the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in September 2016.

Apple iPhone 6S 2018 price is not very high. This phone comes with a speedy performance that does hate to see an interruption in your phone operations. It has a sturdier body that gives you a stunning feel. This phone features impressive front and back cameras for enhancing your photography experience. And interestingly it comes with a 3D touch function for giving you quick access to many useful things. It is one solid upgrade to previous generation iPhone and rose gold color is an interesting point to make a purchase of this phone.

Specs of iPhone 6S in Pakistan

The iPhone 6s has a stunning 4.7-inches display, this display offers you a resolution of 750 x 1334 pixels (better than simple HD displays). This is backlit-LED display with 16:9 ratio. Using 3D touch function, it seems very impressive. Newly introduced 3D lets you do many good things on so many apps. For example, using the messaging app you can look at a message thread to quickly see the new message and more you can make quick reply while sliding up. If you are serious web surfer, you can quickly preview a link on safari without launching the new web page and you can make certain actions on pop up list. Long story in short, 3D touch is quite helpful for many reasons on many apps (especially on Apple-made apps). The company has even tried to offer wider customization on the usage of 3D touch including the sensitivity of 3D touch. This leads you to enjoy extensive multitasking without running through so many extra app operations.

The iPhone 6s has an A9 chipset (this is 64bit processor chip) equipped with M9 motion processor for some extra performance. It performs faster than previous iPhones, as usual. You should not run through app crashes and other interruptions that waste time and get you confused a little bit. It does hate to irritate customers with slow performance, it just wants you to push yourself fast all day. To assist in multitasking, the company has placed a 2GB RAM on the board of smartphone. Touch ID has been improved a lot. It has 1715 mAh battery that can give up to 14 hours of talk time (this is impressive) and up to 11 hours of battery life on internet usage.

Great Camera of iPhone 6s

As usual, Apple has tried to offer a better camera that can do many more good things. It comes with a 12MP camera equipped with a f/2.2 aperture and more the /1.3” sensor size can give you a bright and wide view of photography you are taking. It seems old but it is sharper to capture being clever and it can record clear 4K videos at trendy 30 frames per second. You can turn your photos into a small video memory that look good for many years of life. Photographers can enhance their experience a lot with the latest camera. Cameras on smartphones have become a very popular point to attract customers and companies are taking care of this point seriously. So many people get attracted to what Apple made. Especially, 4K recording and live photos function play a big role to impress customers. The iPhone 6s has a 5MP front-facing camera that offers HD video recording with retina flashlight. And it has burst mode too. Compass Magnetometer, Proximity sensor, Accelerometer, Ambient light sensor, Gyroscope, and Barometer are some of the sensors that are included in iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus.


The iPhone 6s and its competition


While the limits of their batteries are marginally littler, Apple rates iPhone 6S Plus as having a similar normal battery life as their separate ancestors. The A9 framework on-chip was double sourced from TSMC and Samsung. In spite of the fact that it was conjectured that the Samsung form had awful battery execution than the TSMC variant, different autonomous tests have appeared there is no obvious contrast between the two chips. In spite of the fact that the gadget isn't advanced in that capacity, the iPhone 6S has a level of water protection due to a change to its inward plan, which puts a silicone seal around segments of the rationale board to keep them from being shorted by an unplanned introduction to water.

Apple iPhone 6S 2018 price is a little affordable and it does many good things at this price. But there are some decent options announced to compete with this phone powerfully and here we appreciate their efforts. They offer fast performance and amazing cameras for motivating your mood. We recommend you to compare this phone with top options of the market such as OnePlus flagship.

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