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Apple iPhone 5s Mobile Phones in Pakistan

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iPhone 5s by Apple in Pakistan

Apple iPhone 5s 2018 price in Pakistan is around PKR 26,000. It has a great camera and the useful fingerprint sensor that keep you protected. This is a decent smartphone available with not very large size body. It is easy to hold and use in daily routine life, suit to one-handed phone operations a lot. This smartphone has packed bags of Apple with handsome profit in its releasing year. It comes in attractive colors, powerful specs, impressive camera and interesting fingerprint scanner customers can pick to make their life easy.iPhone 5s is an addition to iPhone series and have almost the similar specs as the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c has. Apple launched its iPhone 5S along with its low price iPhone 5 c in September 2013 at its Cupertino headquarters.iPhone 5S was quite similar to its predecessor in looks with an advancement of a new color scheme as it was available to white with silver trim and white with gold trim scheme along with space grey and black color.


Apple iPhone 5S Specs in Pakistan

Apple has offered a tiny 4-inches display on the phone which is based on 640 x 1136 pixels resolution. Apple calls it a “Retina Display”. The phone is bright and shiny consumers can pick in many colors, especially the gold color is attractive in the market a lot. The iPhone 5s has powerful specs that can keep you running smooth and speedily all day. It has an A7 processor that feels faster than previous generations of iPhones. This is a Quad-Core chip clocked at 1.3Ghz. The A7 chip was designed by Apple but the credit for manufacturing the chip goes to Samsung.the processor is paired with A7 chipset is a motion sensor M7. This technology introduced in the iPhone 5s help to produce uninterrupted data streams while working for different sensitive devices and are not interrupting the working of usual iPhone 5s. This chipset and processor combination were also introduced in iPad mini2 which were launched in the same era. Its home button has a flat design with a sapphire sheet surrounded by a stainless steel ring.

This phone has a 1510mAh battery that can stay alive for the full day and it gives you around ten hours of talk time on a single charge. What does irritate a lot when we come to market for iPhones? I think the battery is a very irritating issue that keeps you close to that wall chargers for a long time. Along with iPhone 5 s handset, you will also get apple Earpods which are specially designed to make audio quality awesome as per the designer of these ear pods claims that they provide a high quality of audio as compared to an expansive one.

iPhone 5s camera is great

What does force customers to be attentive on iPhone 5S? There are some decent points doing so and camera of the phone is one of a great point. This true that cameras are playing a vital role in the sale of smartphones. Manufacturers are hardworking to enhance cameras with the passage of time, it is possible that they will compete with professional cameras soon or probably competing. The Apple iPhone 5S has an impressive camera with tons of customization in the camera app that helps you to take inspirational shots. It does not offer dozens of megapixels, it focuses rather on quality instead of quantity. It has a just 8MP camera but capable to capture impressive photographs. It comes with the f/2.2 aperture so you can shoot long exposure beautifully. More, Apple has equipped it with an A7 processor which leads consumers to enjoy impressive burst mode shots. Just hold the shutter button and start capturing dozens of shots quickly just with taps. One interesting feature, it can pack all images in one subfolder and offer best picks automatically too based on crispy quality. The size of LED flash on phone is double than its predecessor and Apple is calling it true tone. This phone can record clear full HD 1080p videos on 3x digital zoom. And you can record quite slowly, it has a special slow motion video recording mode that can record HD 720p videos at 120 frames per second.

Touch ID – the interesting part of the story

iPhone 5 s was the first device by the apple company with a fingerprint sensor before its launch news were there that Apple will introduce this sensor supported by IOS 7.0 operating system which has the capacity of upgradation to IOS 11.3the latest one in use. This is the handset that has risen the trend of fingerprint scanner a lot. People take their privacy very seriously, this is why biometric security locks are becoming popular on smartphones. There is a serious rise in biometric systems and almost every manufacturer is paying attention to this rise. Apple turned the home button into a mean of a fingerprint scanner and started calling it a “Touch ID”. The home button on phone is flat and easy to press, this seems to be most interesting feature people focus to make a purchase of iPhone 5S. Clever unlocking of the smartphone is impressive, the rounded button on phone acts both, capacitive for scanning the finger and clickable for returning to home. It works on a simple press instead of asking for a swipe that world saw before the release of this phone. In simple words, the fingerprint sensor on phone is easy to use and quite impressive.

Final Verdict

iPhone 5 s one of the old but still very stylish and useful models. Ideal for those especially who want to take an iPhone and also don’t want to spend more money. The price of iPhone 5 S is in the budget for many Pakistani.iPhone 5s at the time of launch received a great appreciation from the market public appreciated it two feature especially the first being the introduction of finger sensor which was considered as an advancement towards biometric validation use in our daily day to day life. The second being the upgradation of ios 7 as per reviews iPhone 5s may not be much different in look but usage shows the improved quality of installed features and also the camera quality. At the time of launch iPhone 5s formed the best record of iPhone sales.

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