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Apple iPhone 4s Mobile Phones in Pakistan

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iPhone 4s by Apple in Pakistan

The worlds leading mobile phone company who has captured the mobile phone market with the introduction of their touch phones within a short span of around 10 to 12years and every time they are amazing the world with new technology which is different and more innovative from the previous one. Apple offered its iPhone 4s in 2011 as a successor to its previous model iPhone tried to overcome the issues highlighted in iPhone 4 and also enhanced the rear camera of mobile phone so that make your life more digital. The later company followed the addition in iPhone series with iPhone 5 with a wider display and advanced feature company offered more features as well and add to more variants to its fifth generation as iPhone 5s and iPhone 5e. The success story did not stop here as there was a tough competitive environment so company switched towards the wider display of 4.7 inches in their iPhone6 and iPhone 6 Plus that ha even more wide display of 5.5 inches. This was not the last addition to the company as they keep on adding more and more advanced features like iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 with every coming year company is offering new models which are more equipped than their predecessors.

Background and Apple company role in smartphones

Apple was the first company who laid the foundation o smartphone technology they put on the effort to make things more digital and advance as they were never before. They offered their prototype iPhone in 2008 and later offered their iPhone 3 GS which basically means that it is a third generation phone with the introduction of 3 megapixels camera and 3.5 wider display at the time they were introduced it was a revolution in the industry and so it grabbed the market badly. Apple is not only offering its phones but along with that they are offering a wide range of tablets iPod, iPod mini, Mac book, Mac book pro basically company has changed the way of living now you can stay in touch with multiple items even when you are out and can run all these apps fastly and easily. It is a way of living which has revolutionized the world with its faster and reliable sources. But before we switch towards the specs and feature of iPhone 4s we would like to mention here that although we try our best to provide accurate information there can be some changes in specs depending on the model offered in Pakistan.

Specs and Features iPhone 4s in Pakistan

iPhone 4s was offered after the iPhone 4 with comparative better cameras and advanced options it had a 3.5 inches display back-lit IPS LCD, capacitive touchscreen that was able to support 16 million colors to increase your knowledge let me tell you this interesting fact that screen of iPhone 4s was designed by Apple under a contract.iPhone 4s had dimensions 115.2*58.6 and 9.3 with the weight of 145 g.Apple Inc. Used A5 chipset in iPhone 4s and it was able to support micro sim.iPhone 4s has a powerful processor dual core 1.0 Ghz, Cortex A9 which I comparatively faster to the processor used in iPhone 4.One of the many reasons for success of iPhones is their camera if we just have a look at its rear camera it is enhanced to 8 MP with the capacity to 1080 HD video along with that it has lens with aperture f/2.4 with improved backside illuminated sensor, advanced color accuracy, face detection, and reduced motion blur a perfect device to capture your special moment. Its video result is amazing due to many built-in features and it helps to capture your moment in a better then they may actually be with vivid colors. The option of I clouds I one of the best options for an iPhone to store your videos, music, photos, apps, documents and many more and let you access it wirelessly from anywhere.iPhone 4S has a sharpest retina display and as per the reviews from the persons, it has the sharpest and finest display.iPhone 4S is available in the built-in memory of 16/8/32/64 GB with a 512 MB Ram. The company offered iPhone 4s in white and Black color. And one of the interesting features of iPhone4s is Siri that is that instead of writing you can talk to your phone like an assistant that what you want it will use the relevant app and assist you properly what to do? Apple iPhone 4s is powered by 1420 mAh battery with the talk time of 8 hours on 3g.iPhone 4 s support WIFI, hot spot and sensors like proximity, accelerometer and the most important GPS for navigation.

Final Verdict

iPhone 4s was a tough time for its rivals like Huawei and Samsung mobiles as per the reviews about iPhone 4s people highly appreciated the touch screen and functionality of app some people complain about iPhone 4 s price in Pakistan as on the time of launch it was about 43,000 but now it has reduced a lot.iPhone 4s reviews are generally positive so if you are looking for a budget phone with reasonable price in Pakistan then iPhone 4s could be your favorite choice.


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