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Apple iPhone 4 Mobile Phones in Pakistan

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iPhone 4 in Pakistan by Apple

One of the world largest electronic and telecommunication products manufacturer of the world introduced their iPhone 4 in USA which was basically a successor to their previous model released in 2009 and was named as iPhone 3 GS. Basically Apple the one who brought revolution to the mobile industry with the introduction of touchscreen technology. Their phone has a name with G that actually represent the generation although the company has stepped forward with the introduction of their advanced models in the market like after iPhone 4 reviews the company worked on them and offered an advanced one with the name of iPhone 4s in the market. Later with time company has offered its fifth generation as iPhone 5 with a wider display of 4.0 inches and even in that generation Apple Inc. Offered two variants namely iPhone 5C and iPhone 5e. Because of tough competition from market company keep on updating its model and offered iPhone 6 and 6s in the market and the success story has not stopped here and the company has offered iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 in the product line and all their products have received the tremendous welcome from the market.

Background and Overview of Apple company


ALL those who are lovers of touch screen they should owe regard to Steve Jobs as he was the one who brought this revolution to the mobile phone industry as well the tablets and touchpads it was basically his idea to leave the traditional lines and make the things more digital then they were ever before. He and his mates offered their iPhone 3 at that time the phone was launched with the slogan as the fastest mobile since yet and the company offered a 3.5 inch touchscreen display and camera of 3 megapixels that can make video although it was soon discontinued and replaced by the iPhone 3GS and after a time of year company offered its iPhone 4 in the market which received warm welcome from the market.iPhone 4 was although released in 2011 especially its white color grabbed the market and continued around two years before it was replaced by iPhone 4s. Here we would like to mention this that iPhone id UK based company so generally there is some difference in specs of those models offered for this zone so minor changes in specs can be there.

Specs and features offered in iPhone 4

iPhone 4 was one of the hottest choices across the world at the time of its release as it had completely new specs as compared to other products in the market.iPhone 4 had 3.5 inches display with the slate platform and digressions as115.2*58.6*9.3 and a weight of only 137 g.iPhone 4 is powered with a 1GHz single core processor and a back up of 512 DRAM which helped it to work properly.iPhone 4 at the time of launch has LED-backlit TFT touchscreen display with the resolution of 960*640. Talking about the memory so it was offered with 8,16 and 32 GB Flash memory with the support of multi touch.iPhone 4 has 5 Mp rear camera and 0.5 MP front camera with the support of feature like HD video at 720p,5X digital zoom, 4 element lens and Geo-tagging on photo and video these features may seems to you casual but as per the reviews about iPhone 4 across the world at the time of launch it was among the best product in the market and people were ready to pay as much as company demanded. .iPhone 4 uses a micro SIM that I injected through a portable sim and it uses Apple chip.iPhone also has a bumper that is basically a ring of plastic and rubber with the purpose of protection of phone the inner is made up of rubber while the external band is made up of plastic.iPhone 4 when first launched in the market had IOS 4 operating system but the last model offered in iPhone 4 has IOS 7 which help it to be quick and efficient. iPhone 4 has a 1420 mAH Lithium battery Along with the other features iPhone 4 is able to support wifi, Bluetooth and has sensors like gyroscope, accelerometer, digital compass, and proximity sensor. The price of iPhone in Pakistan at the time of its launch was very high but after its other models offered in the market now, iPhone price has reduced.

Final Verdict

Someone may wonder that in the presence of so many phones why to spend on iPhone 4 but if you will take iPhone 4 reviews you will come to know iPhone 4 price so much the quality which Apple denies in unchallengeable as per iPhone 4 reviews customers have appreciated their touch technology and camera.and as per some reviews some people reported complaints of yellow screen suddenly but these issues were sorted out and now if you are looking for a budget basic smartphone with excellent touch iPhone 4 can be your best option.

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