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Alcatel 5V Mobile Phones in Pakistan


Alcatel 5V

Alcatel is trying to maintain its position in different regions, the company’s Alcatel 5V new model is optimized to target mid-rangers. This smartphone comes under an eye-catching look and feel. It does offer a trendy design, nowadays, almost every next company is trying to offer a bezel-less design on the phone that hold your breath. So many companies are very successful in their missions like Xiaomi with attractive Mi Mix 2s. This Alcatel phone has tried to attract impressively and it can go successful, due to the high screen-to-body ratio. The phone has managed to offer 88% of the screen to body ratio which is quite impressive, just 12 percent of body and entire display to grab your attention. You might recall many old phones introduced by this company with the not very elegant design but this latest addition can feel a little different.

Powerful Specifications

This phone has attempted to offer speedy performance with some powerful internals. And more, the camera sensor of this phone seems to be very impressive as well. What do you mostly take care of? Normally, so many people think of speed and camera, Alcatel has covered it beautifully.

Earlier this year Alcatel 5 was presented smartphone. This is one of the few machines on the market, which has a really distinctive design. In particular, the lower frame is much thinner than the top, which is extremely rare. It has a more typical design, but it is better equipped. For example, there is a more modern and productive platform MediaTek Helio P22, more capacious battery 4000mAh. The screen grew to 6.2 inches and acquired cut. Resolution is 1500 x 720 pixels. Dual now main camera (12 MP and 2 MP), and front single-resolution 8 MP. The RAM and flash memory is set to 3 and 32 GB respectively, there is a microSD card slot. Alcatel 5v specification comes with a huge screen and cutout. It offers a large battery, modern platform, and suspiciously lightweight body. The size of the smartphone is 153.7 x 74.55 x 8.5 mm with a mass of 158 g. It may be the lightest smartphone with such a large screen.

Alcatel 5v specs are good, this phone can boast of the presence of three cameras. This is the novelty advertise in the company. However, everything here is quite simple. On the backside, we have two cameras, on the front side-one. That is, quite a standard set of image sensors, but what a slogan interesting turned out. The product has acquired a powerful processor Helio P22 and cost 200 dollars. I think, for such money, potential buyers will not exactly run for a product with three cameras and a cutout at the top of the display. It should be understood that Alcatel now does not occupy leading positions in sales, and 200 bucks-a little money. It would be better for the manufacturer to drop the cost to suppress the competitors from China, which sell similar products at a noticeably more reasonable cost. But it's just our dreams.

Should I pick?

Looking for a normal price phone with some powerful specs? This can be your best choice. In the last few years, companies have rapidly increased adopting modern designs. It is a smartphone that can freely select the communication line without being tied to the carrier line. You do care of many things such as the quality and specs of the photos, the evaluation of each model so that you can check in the review. In addition, so many users judge the recommendation in advance information about the model before it releases it.

There seems to be a big movement in the mobile industry. Many new smartphones are expected to be available at a similar price with similar features. It is difficult to choose the one that suits oneself with a lot of the latest smartphones.

When compared to other like Redmi Note 5, you get similar features. The first thing to pay attention to in Redmi Note 5 is a huge IPS screen of 5.99 inches. Xiaomi has the talent to impress. A couple of years ago, a phone with such a screen would be a spade for a narrow circle of connoisseurs of similar models, but in the era of frameless smartphones, the increase in screen size almost did not affect the increase of the body. The resolution is also impressive-2160x1080, while budget smartphones tend to offer a maximum resolution of 1920x1080. But this phone has cost a little high, so Alcatel V5 at the low price should prove to be the good phone.

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