Comparison of Toyota Vitz 2018 vs. Suzuki Swift 2018 in Pakistan

Nowadays, when we talk about buying latest and advanced hatchback automobiles in Pakistan, the two famous names that come to our mind are Toyota Vitz and Suzuki Swift. In Pakistan, both these cars have a massive market share most particularly in the cities like Faisalabad, Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi. In all these cities, there are vast majorities of people who have a craze to drive small luxurious cars in the heavy traffic of today in different cities of Pakistan.

Toyota Vitz 2018

The all new Toyota Vitz 2018 is considered among one of the most popular hatchback vehicles in Pakistan. The new Vitz will be coming in 17 different appealing colours with a body style that has the capability to give a sporty and aggressive look.  The front bumper has state of the art fog light placement with huge headlamps positioned at the top. When we talk about the interior of this new Vitz 2018 it possesses an outspoken cockpit with an effortless control system. The luxurious seats have the capability to offer ample amount of space to both head and legs. It comes with a CD player that is attached with six speakers. Moreover, you also have the facility of Bluetooth connectivity, USB and an auxiliary jack to connecting your mobile phone or any other media device.

It is equipped with a 1.3 Litre four cylinder engine that has the ability to generate a horsepower of 106 and a torque of 103 lb-ft. The engine is partnered with a CVT transmission. This amazing vehicle has a fuel economy of 5 litres per 100kms. The fuel economy may vary by the driving habits of the consumer. When we talk about its safety features it comes with dual SRS airbags, ABS brakes, electronic stability control, child proof rear door, power locks and keyless entry. The new Toyota Vitz 2018 is expected to be available at a price tag of 14-17 lakhs in Pakistan.

Suzuki Swift 2018

The new upcoming Suzuki Swift 2018 will be comprising a sporty exterior design that includes a stylish chrome grille, halogen headlights with DRLs and alloy rims. A good news for the Suzuki lovers is that it will be available in six vibrant and appealing colours. It is equipped with a 1.3 litre four cylinder M13A petrol engine with a horsepower of 90 and a torque of 84 lb-ft.  It will also be paired with a four-speed automatic or five-speed manual transmission for the consumer of Pakistan.

The fuel economy of this high-performance vehicle is to do 100km in 6-7 litres of petrol. The Swift 2018 does not have the advanced safety features like there are no air bags installed. You will have to pay an extra amount for such safety features. The Suzuki Swift 2018 is expected to be available at a price tag of 13-15 lakhs in Pakistan.

Final Verdict

As the Suzuki Swift is being manufactured locally the company will be offering after sales services for their customers. On the other hand, Toyota Vitz is an imported Japanese vehicle that does not offer such facility to the consumer of Pakistan. Moreover, the Suzuki Swift 2018 will be less expensive as compared to the price tag of Toyota Vitz 2018. However, to make a wise decision, you will need to select Toyota Vitz as this vehicle is surely a true value for money. It may cost you two to three lakhs more but it certainly has more features as compared to Suzuki Swift.