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Sony Sony PlayStation 4 Gaming Consoles in Pakistan

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Sony Play stations in Pakistan

Sony is a brand name which hardly someone does not know in Pakistan they are famous for the production of variety across the world for many years. If we talk about the  Sony products then we can  see them everywhere around  whether it comes to a home theater system for loud music lovers or it is about watching an LCD at your home, or if you are a movie lover or a fan of big screen then probably the projector at your place is offered by Sony.No one can deny the quality  of products offered by Sony as they are famous across the world especially for the production of Sony Cameras their cameras have always been a hot cake and even though their mobile phones are not that much success in the market yet the companies still get their mobile cameras designed by Sony Corporation. As we have discussed that they have indulged themselves in vast categories so today we will have a look at another tremendous effort by Sony company towards making fun at home. Gaming at home is not new it is in the market since many years and Sony was among those companies who entered in this business from many years and now they are proud to introduce their new PlayStation in the market. We will try here to provide you with all the major and minor information about this new PlayStation offered by Sony in the market.

PlayStation is for fun

Playstation name is given to the video game console developed by Sony this project was started in early 1988. The first PlayStation was released in 1994 officially by Sony. It is interesting to know that when the project was started at that time company Sony and Nintendo's were working together for some other project and now they both are competing for each other in the development of gaming consoles. The original gaming console when launched in Japan was simple and efficient to use with a console and a handle to use it and it was sold successfully across the world with the record of more than 120 million units sold across the world this was a tremendous success which raised the moral of Sony and they further started work on updating of Sony PlayStation.In the year 2000 company updated the PlayStation and offered Play station 2 in the market that has some cosmetic changes in it as well as it was launched with a variety of GUI. With the time more advancement was introduced and the new PlayStation was launched with a smaller and slimmer look. Things and technology were advancing and thus Sony was working on it and ultimately they offered their PlayStation 3 in 2006 that was launched with a motion sensor technology that was actually the seventh generation of gaming consoles.The company used a Blue-ray display in their new play station and offered a high definition resolution as well. the company later on updated a slimmer variant of it with the enhanced place of storage.

PlayStation 4 is stylish

PlayStation 4 or PS4 is the latest model offered in the gaming consoles introduced in 2013. Sony has launched its PlayStation 4  eight generation with x86  architecture to the play station series. Among the new application and services, Sony has launched the PlayStation app that will allow the PS4 owners to turn their mobile or tablet screen into a second screen and enhance the gameplay. Sony has offered a share feature in their PlayStation 4 that enables you to share in-game content stream online live from friends basically  Sony is focusing on social gameplay as well through their PlayStations. Play station has been designed by using CPU and GPU they work together to provide an excellent output. Play station 4 hardware has a read-only hard disk capacity to read the disc and support 4k games.PlayStation 4 console has a 500-gigabyte hard drive for external storage which can be upgraded by the user. The latest software launched by the company is 2017 enables the user to use external hard drive storage that has increased the capacity up to 8 terabytes.PlayStation 4 has ethernet connectivity, Wifi, Bluetooth, and two USB 3.0 ports.T hen there is another auxiliary cable that connects to the PlayStation camera and motion detection digital camera. You will also get a mono headset with the accessories of Playstation 4.The new feature offered in PlayStation 4 to involve a rest mode that let the console drain less battery and immediate to get back the game as soon as you resume.

Accessories of PlayStation 4

With your PlayStation 4, you will get your Dual Shock controllers which are quite similar to the previous ones but they have been updated with many advanced features as well to make them more useful. An important addition to the Dual shock series is a touchpad. Apart from it many changes have been a part of its control and they look quite similar to the one you get with XBOX.T he uses of motion detection camera and the headset is optional depending on the game and along with that, you can ace many games from PlayStation 4 store.

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