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Microsoft One X Scorpio Gaming Consoles in Pakistan

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Microsoft One X Scorpio gaming console in Pakistan

Microsoft has launched the most powerful gaming console of time by the name of Microsoft one x Scorpio gaming console. Before we start the discussion of the features of this Xbox lets have a look at a brief background of Xbox. Actually, Xbox is a video gaming console first launched by Microsoft in 2001 across the world. This was offered in a competition to Sony PlayStation 2 and Nintendo's game cube. At the time of launch, Xbox was a much more powerful processor as it was equipped with standard Pentium III processor. The company launched it as a sixth generation gaming console. Later on, the company discontinued it and offered its latest model Xbox 360 in the market. After a series of changes and passed through many processes you are here presented with Xbox one the latest eight generation gaming console that has been presented by Microsoft. It was announced by Microsoft in 2013 and is a successor to Xbox 360 and is a third gaming console offered by the company in their product line. An awesome to use and experience those who have a gaming passion or have already used it must be familiar with Xbox quality.

Specs of Xbox one x Scorpio gaming console

Xbox one x has shifted back to the x86 architecture which was basically used in the original Xbox. It has an AMD accelerated processing unit APU built around x86-64 instructions set. Xbox one x come with redesigned controllers that have a redesigned D-pad and are capable of delivering directional hepatic feedback. Microsoft has emphasized on cloud computing, as well as social networking features and the ability to record and share video clips as well as a screenshot. Xbox video games can also be played off console via a local area network on supported window 10 devices. The console has the capability to play Blue disc ray disc. Xbox mostly received positive reviews especially because of its redesigned controllers, multimedia features, and navigation.

In August 2016 Microsoft launched its more advanced model as Xbox one s that has a streamlined design, it has a support for 4 k video playback upscaling of games from 1080 to 4k as well as high dynamic range colors. It was appreciated in the market for its comparatively smaller size, on-screen visual improvements, and its lack of external regression. The most important feature of the Xbox s model is its storage that is about 2 terabyte and for the reason, it is offered as the most powerful gaming console. The Xbox launched has a processing speed of 1.75 GHz, 8GB DDR3 RAM. For simulate nous read and write operation in Xbox the ESRAM of Xbox has a theoretical bandwidth 192 GB and system also has a nonremovable hard drive and a blue-ray optical disc drive as well. As per the updation of 2014 now the memory can be expanded. It was reported that 3 GB of Ram was used for operating system and utility software. The Xbox one x console has the capacity to monitor its internal temperature and adjust the temperature accordingly.

Accessories of Xbox one x Scorpio

The major accessory of Xbox is its controller that are redefined and has the changes like a smoother form, for way directional. It has a start and Back button and these allow the controller to produce directional vibration. The controller which you will get with Xbox one has more textured grip and has a jet finish. these controller also has USB Jack which help them to work even without battery and work remotely being charged as well. Another major and innovative accessory involve kinetic 2.0 sensor that was recreated to track motion sensing Kinetic sensor has a wide range camera sensor that is able to stimulate your environment but the price of this bundle is comparatively high. Xbox one S runs two operating system one if for the games while the other one user interface and apps. Xbox one supports universal window platform. Xbox one can view and display content from DLAN servers and USB devices through its media player. Xbox One games are available on retails through Blu-ray display and online you can get them from Xbox game store. All the games must be installed on the console before you start it you can play some level while the download is in processing. If you are using any game that you are coping with some physical media then you should have to put it in the console for validation while being playing. An internet connection may be required especially for those games which are on the server side as they have to be updated.

All the models of Xbox comes with minor differences and among these  models Xbox one Scorpio has the maximum storage and maximum specs  and these have difference in price as well so it depends on your passion for gaming consoles and your pocket as well that which one suits you the best you can check other models on our website. 

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