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Best drone camera price in Pakistan - mini flying remote control HD Camera Drones


In Pakistan, there is a massive variety of quality drones available for an amateur to professional consumers. If you are interested in checking the latest drone camera price in Pakistan, simply prefer to visit A good quality drone with hd camera is a bit expensive as compared to a popular brand mini drone. It is suggested if you are an amateur and don’t have any experience of controlling a remote control drone, it is best for you to invest your money in buying a low price drone. A beginner’s kids drone will help you get of the hang of it so that you can soar the skies with a big and advanced flying drone. Getting your hands set on a small drone in the start will let you know how to control a big drone in an effortless manner. In this article, I will be discussing some of the best drones with camera that allows the user to take clear and HD quality pictures and shoot videos at 1080p resolution with ease.

In Pakistan, almost every young child to adult is in search for a top quality remote control drone at a reasonable price. If you are looking to check the updated rc drone price in Pakistan of any local to imported brand, Comparebox .pk is the best place in this regard. Here on this website you will not only be able to check the best drone camera price being offered by different online stores, but will also have the chance to compare different local to imported brand drones features and specs with ease. Moreover, check a vast variety of drone for sale being offered by different stores in Pakistan. There is a massive variety of drones available in Pakistan, which is why making the right decision of buying the best drone with camera is quite difficult. Don’t worry about reading this article, you will surely be able to choose the best drone camera in an effortless manner. DIYI Drone-D1 is an advanced mini drone which is smaller than the size of your hand but is as good as a big drone of a known brand. It also has the capability to manoeuver at night as well as it is equipped with LED lights which helps it work at night. Moreover, it can do a vast variety of flips which is all because of the advanced integrated remote control function. The DIYI Drone-D1 drone price in Pakistan is Rs.2750, which is quite competitive as compared to other brand drones available in Pakistan.


KT S49 Remote Drone is another innovative and advanced model of DIYI which is ranked in the top drones in Pakistan. It is equipped with 2.4G frequency RC transmitter which allows the user to fly it with a strong signal in case there are other drones flying in the area. This model drone is available at a price of Rs.4350 at different online stores like, and many other online stores in Pakistan.


Syma X5SW Quadcopter drone is another top of the line drone available in Pakistan, which has a built-in HD camera, Wi-Fi connection and

an electronic compass. The price of this drone with HD camera is Rs.10,000.

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