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Toyota Hilux Commercial Vehicles in Pakistan

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Toyota Hilux in Pakistan

Toyota a name of quality especially when it comes to the automotive industry and now they have offered Toyota Hilux, a car with almost half a century of history, in the home market SUV debuted in 1967, then the vehicle was a simple pickup with a small engine on 1500 cubic centimeters and 75 horsepower. The car to the maximum 130 kilometers per hour and a very paradoxical name-Hilux, which means highly luxurious (very luxurious). In different regions, the concept of luxury go different, this is where the car bears a different name. Toyota Hilux can be found in 180 countries, and for all time sold more than 16 million cars. Now came out 8-generation SUV and of course, it is quite different from its predecessor, it is not the modest worker, which we remembered.

Dimensions and Engine

Toyota Hilux has a large frame pickup, it comes with permanent full drive and lock differentials. Its overall length is 5330 mm, width 1855 mm, height 1815 mm, wheelbase 3085 mm, and clearance-227 mm, this is quite a serious indicator. In addition, the SUV has a good payload-1240 kg, considering that the car itself weighs 2095 kg, besides the car is able to carry a trailer weighing up to three and a half tons. Toyota Hilux is a symbol of durability, in the broadcast Top Gear pickup truck wound up after it was loaded completely into the sea, the engines fully meet the reputation of the car. The basic engine of Toyota Hilux is the diesel atmospheric V-shaped 6 unit on 2393 cubic centimeters. This engine develops 150 horsepower and is able to disperse a pickup truck weighing 2 tons to a speed of 170 kilometers per hour. Diesel engines are famous for their economy and this guy is no exception, during a trip in the city with frequent accelerations and braking Toyota Hilux will consume 8.9 litres of diesel fuel for a hundred kilometers of the way, while driving on the country, the route-6.4 liters, and in the mixed cycle of driving-7.3 liters. This power unit is paired exclusively with a six-speed manual gearbox.

Toyota Hilux as pick up truck

The pickup truck has a more powerful engine, it is also diesel and atmospheric, but now has large volume-2755 cubic centimeters and gives out 177 horsepower. The high-speed ceiling of the pickup truck with such an engine will be 170 kilometers per hour. The fuel consumption declared by the manufacturer is as follows: in the city 10.9 liters, on the track 7.1 liters, and in the mixed cycle of driving 8.5 liters. This power unit is equipped with an only six-speed automatic transmission. Toyota has used a rich technical stuffing, engineers equipped with all necessary pickup to make your trip comfortable, interesting, and most importantly-safe. So the car is equipped with: 7 airbags, parking, rear view camera, full package, air conditioning, cruise control, diode running lights, 18-inch wheels and even a multimedia system with inch display.

A solid experience

Toyota Hilux is a car with a long history, it has passed the way from a little slogger with a small motor, to a healthy pickup with snarling V6 under the hood. But outside the television screens, Toyota Hilux does not cease to impress us with its reliability, in the third world such machines are in service with the rebels and irregular armed forces, in the body of the pickup perfectly placed a machine gun or several soldiers. The new model offers a beautiful pedigree, it will serve you faithfully for many years, devouring one by one kilometer of roads or directions.

It's good, but it's cold, damn it, it's cold to drive kids in the morning to school. Warmed seats, a zoned climate, and often sweat glass, there are some competitors like Mercedes Concept X Class, live still not so spectacularly look the serial version. It does not face so many competitors from many brands like Honda and Suzuki. It has become a true legend in its class. This car is loved by almost everything. In all this time he proved that he can cope with any difficulties. The driver, at the same time, will enjoy the real pleasure of managing it.

Final Verdict

It received many significant technical changes over different generations. In the class of off-road pickups, big competition is not. The requirements of potential customers to pickups are quite clear. They rely on a long and troubled operation even with the full use of the vehicle, which in fact happens quite often. In addition, the owners are hoping for good off-road abilities and the possibility of tuning. But overall it is a better option to own as it can be used for multiple purposed in a market like as a pickup car for students, a commercial vehicle used for the transportation of goods from one place on another. And these Hilux has been built to sustain heavy pressure and move properly on roads of Pakistan.

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