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Toyota Coaster Commercial Vehicles in Pakistan

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Toyota coaster in Pakistan

Toyota coaster is not new in the market they are launched by Toyota motors corporation ltd. The company launched its Toyota coaster bus a single Decker bus for the first time in market dated back to 1969  and Since then it in use across the world. Toyota coaster has been through four generation since now and has more than four decades of history. Toyota coaster was prepared a Japan for the first time

And the interesting fact about Toyota coaster is that it is the only bus used in Jordan for public transportation and they have been recommended to use this by their Government so this may assist to understand the quality and comfort Toyota is offering through their customers. Toyota coaster was first time updated in 1982 The early bus launched by the company had a 17 passenger capacity and was introduced with a 72 kW power and had the capacity to gain a maximum speed of 110 km per hour. There is a specific hybrid model of Toyota coaster that works on liquidified petroleum gas and was specially designed for the pollution problem of Hong Kong so in short, you can see this Toyota coaster along with Pakistan everywhere else as well. Lets have a detail view through Toyota specs and Toyota coaster price in Pakistan.

Toyota Coaster is powerful

Toyota coaster latest model which is recently updated in the year 2016 has now been equipped with a powerful engine of 4000 ccs and to your knowledge, we will like to inform you this as well that it has the capacity to attain a maximum speed of 240 km per hour. Such a fast and efficient bus to have. Toyota Coaster has a maximum power of 290 KW at 1800 RPM and when it comes to the torque so it is not far behind and has been launched with a MAX torque of 278 KW at 1800 RPM. Toyota coaster has been hot favorite items of the public from a long span of time due to its comfortable and secure drive.

Toyota coaster has been launched in different countries with different names and variants according to the requirement of are but the major Toyota coaster specs are same across the world so minor changes like the color availability can differ. Generally, Toyota coaster come with a length of 6990 mm, overall width of 2080, the overall height of 2635 and wheelbase 3935 mm. The company has designed coaster in such a way that it has the capacity to sustain heavy load and carry many passengers at the same time. Generally, Toyota coaster comes with a sitting capacity of 26 to 30 person that is more than enough. The company has given this coaster a stylish look at the front and has designed every section of Toyota coaster with completer finishing. One of the most deluxe and luxurious products by the company which you must own if you are looking for a commercial vehicle.

Toyota Coaster is Durable  

Toyota coaster is available in the market with a diesel engine that generally comes with a five gear transmission but latest variants have been equipped with automatic transmission and thus they have made traveling easy with Toyota Coaster. When it comes with a Toyota coaster simple mode then it has five gears while on deluxe mode Toyota coaster comes with a 4 gear transmission and company has made their Toyota coaster more secure by Abs braking system installed  in that will help  you to have an enhanced control on  the bus while generally, it has disc brake in the front tires and the rear tires have drum brakes Company has equipped it 4.0 turbo diesel 6 cylinder engine. The company has equipped Toyota coaster with a power steering and to make it completely secure it has 4 emergency exits that help you to rush out in case of emergency. Toyota coaster has come with seat belts that have emergency lock reflector for every passenger and comes with a fabric cushion quality seats. Toyota coaster has DVD payer installed with 8 speakers and thus capable to entertain you during your journey. For secure driving, Toyota has equipped its coaster with a back camera as well as a GPS that helps to navigate while traveling on a long route now it's completely secure to ride. The company has equipped Toyota coaster with two doors. Then it has flashlight headlamps and body colored handle has enhanced the beauty of this coaster.

Final Verdict

The price of Toyota coaster in Pakistan is around 5,199,000 which is quite competitive as compared to the quality company is offering and it can be used for several purposes whether its about using it as a transport for small kids or dropping someone from Toyota coaster review has been very appreciative regarding business point of view as it is cozy comfortable and luxurious with reasonable price in Pakistan. As compared to Suzuki Bolan and other local buses Toyota minibus or coaster is a better option to choose.

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