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Suzuki Bolan Commercial Vehicles in Pakistan

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Suzuki Bolan in Pakistan

Suzuki has deep roots across the world and if we particularly focus on Pakistani market. So we will realize they have captured Pakistani automobile market drastically The Suzuki cars have a long history in Pakistan. And the most important trait of major Suzuki cars offered is that they dont go for changed and year after year they offer same product with an increased price just like their another model Suzuki Mehran which is unchanged from more than 25 years. Suzuki Bolan is another same type of product which was first launched in the early 90's and still remains unchanged with minor changes. Talking about the traits in Pakistani market they usually named the vehicle with their own flavor and same they have done with Suzuki Bolan and It is also known quite commonly as the "carry daba" by the Pakistani people. It is a mini MPV with front-wheel drive and a mid-engine configuration which is actually under the front row seats. The new Suzuki Bolan 2018 model has an anew compliant engine. With every coming year, the company is enhancing the price of Suzuki Bolan and it is generally used for commercial purposed for the majority of Pakistani because it is not a comfortable vehicle to use in the routine. So if you are also interested in it go through the article we will try our level best to inform you about every pros and con of Suzuki Bolan in Pakistan.


Engine and Mileage of Suzuki Bolan in Pakistan

 Lets start with engine and mileage of Suzuki Bolan as they are the key specs to check while owing a vehicle. The only engine offered is a 0.8 liter 6 Valve four-stroke 3-cylinder engine making a very low amount of 37bhp @5000 RPM. Or in simple words, it is an 800 cc cargo van that has the capacity to attain a maximum speed of 120 km per hour. It is connected to a 4-speed manual and automatics concept are not offered for Suzuki Bolan if we will talk about the Gear Box functionality as well so they are very hard and stubborn to operate. The engine is fitted below the front seat and thus their height is increased and they feel quite uncomfortable to sit on.

It has a very boxy design with no reference to aerodynamics. Unlike the previous model. The headlights are now square while the others remain the same. It has black bumpers, sliding rear doors and is a standard hatchback There are three colors offered, solid white, pearl red and silky silver. It is very tall which makes good headroom in the interior. The interior overall is quite spacious but there is no sense of comfort, luxury or quality at all. The dash consists of grey plastic and everything is manually operated. It is a seven seater and the seats are covered in vinyl. Additional features include fabric seats and an air conditioning system only.

Suzuki Bolan can be used for cargo Van

Basically, if you are using Suzuki Bolan just for the transportation of Goods then its fine because it is not designed to provide any kind of luxury it does not have an Air conditioner no DVD, no mp3. The basic key security features like airbags are also not a part of it. To your knowledge, we would like to inform you that it does not have any kind of disc brake both front and rear wheels have been equipped with drum rubber brakes so you can easily have an idea about the brakes you can get with your Suzuki Bolan.

The positive which you can get with your Suzuki Bolan is that i It does an average 12KM/L in the city and 14KM/L on a highway which makes it just economical for its engine size. and suitable to transfer goods on long routes generally people in Pakistan take out the rear seats and used it for transportation or on the other they mostly use it for transportation of their kids in schools. Suzuki Bolan is a good and cheap commercial vehicle for transportation of goods within and out of the city as well because generally, commercial vehicle are expansive 

Final Verdict

It's brand new sticker price is around 814,000 in Pakistan and as there is no variant of it so you can be sure about the price.Before you make any final decision about Suzuki Bolan compare its feature with other cars in Pakistan before buying. Check Suzuki Bolan reviews which suggest that overall the maintenance is cheap and easy, it can accommodate many people and is cheap but lacks in comfort, equipment and is unstable at high speeds due to its poor aerodynamics. Obviously, you can not have all together if you will check will luxurious commercial vehicles then you should be ready to pay more because Suzuki Bolan is one of the most reasonable commercial vehicles in the market.

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