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Ravi Commercial Vehicles in Pakistan

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Ravi motorbikes in Pakistan

Ravi motorcycle is a Pakistani manufacturer motorbikes company which has its head office in Lahore and its origin starting from the year 2004.Ravi motorcycles are currently offering a number of motorbikes in the market like Ravi premium R1, Ravi Humsafar plus, Humsafar 70, Piaggio storm 125, New Ravi Piaggio Derbi.If you want to know about the detail and want to know about them you can visit our website where you can find all the required information about available models in the market.

Background of Ravi Motorcycles

Ravi motorcycles is basically a subsidiary of Ravi automobiles.They also now have the authority to assemble and manufacture Derbi and Piaggio motorcycles in Pakistan.Ravi automobile started their carer from the year 1951 as a tractor manufacturing company, later on, switched towards the manufacture of agricultural products and since 1981 they are involved in the manufacture of the automobile industry as a result industry and they introduced their first product in the year 2004.Ravi automobile has introduced a number of product lets have a look at its specifications and feature.

Overview of Ravi Motorcycles

Ravi Premium R1

This model launched by Ravi motorcycles is one of the most demanding models in the market.Ravi premium is equipped with a 4 stroke, single cylinder air cooled cylinder with a displacement of 70 ccs.This stylish premium bike has been designed by the company while keeping in view the demands of the young generation.This motorbike has a capacity of 9.5

Liter petrol with an attractive graphics on the fuel tank.This motorbike has a wet multi-clutch plate with a 4-speed constant mesh gear transmission.This stylish Ravi premium bike is available in black color and vibrant purple and pink graphics on the fuel tank and available only for 45000RS.

Ravi Humsafar 70

A new model of Ravi Humsafar 70 is considered as one of the top 5 selling motorbikes of Pakistan.This model is equipped with a 4 stroke single cylinder with a displacement of 72 ccs.These motorbikes are well known in the market especially for their excellent fuel economy and competitive rates in the market.These bikes are specially designed to comfort the life of a normal middle-class person by adjusting its price reasonable as compare to all other in the market.There is a difference in the design of the previous model of Ravi Humsafar 70 and the current one with a difference in shape new model of Ravi Humsafar 70 cc is available you can check it on our website.This new model is designed by keeping in consideration the comfort of the rider.

Ravi Humsafar plus

Ravi motorbikes are offering their new and old Humsafar plus 70 cc bikes with a major difference in the look .The old model of Ravi Humsafar plus had a sporty and stylish look and had a nominal price range with a 4 stroke single cylinder engine displacement.But the new model of Ravi Humsafar plus 2018 with a difference in the range of around 5000.but this model has been designed to satisfy the comfort level of its customers.This model by Ravi motorcycles is available is unbelievably vibrant blue and black combination and an excellent grip of tires on the road.

Piaggio storm 125

As we discussed earlier that Ravi automobiles have got authority for assembling Piaggio and storm motorbikes as a result of it they have introduced Piaggio storm 125 it has an extraordinarily aggressive and stylish sporty look.This model has been designed by keeping in view the demands of our young generation if we have a look at features this bike has that will seem nominal and is available in a number of colors like Red, pastel grey, blue.Piaggio storm has a 19-liter fuel tank with an attractive graphics on the tank and this bike by Ravi motorcycles is designed on Italian technology with an attractive speedometer.

New Ravi Piaggio Derbi

Ravi motorcycles are working with Piaggio an Italian automobile company to design a sports bike for the rough and tough road of Pakistan and keeping in view the price also competitive bike is equipped with Euro III engine.The front brakes of this Ravi motorcycle have front disk brakes and rear drum brakes.This bike can be used for domestic as well as racing purpose.It has electric start with multi-clutch plates and 4 gear forward and 1 reverse transmission as compared to the specifications an features the bike has, its price is economical.The only lack of these bikes come when it comes to spare parts and replacement of previous parts.

If you are interested to know about the products offered by Ravi automobiles you are welcome to visit our website, where you can find detailed specifications and features of Ravi Humsafar 70cc, Ravi Humsafar plus, Ravi Piaggio and Ravi Piaggio Derbi.You can check it and also compare it with other available companies in the market before taking any final decision.


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