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Nissan Pickup Commercial Vehicles in Pakistan


Nissan Pickup in Pakistan

Nissan pickup or originally named as Nissan Nivara is one of the most powerful automobiles offered by the company in Pakistan. Nissan Gandhara has been operating in Pakistan and they are operating since 1981 in Pakistan and they have been involved in the manufacture of their powerful models in Pakistan. Most of you may Know Nissan for their 4 wheels luxury Juke One of hot favorite all time models offered by the company across the globe is Nissan Juke that you can find in Pakistan. Then those who are low budget customers they can check and have used Nissan Dayz a powerful car with  the specs only one can dream of this  660 cc bikes with an excellent fuel  economy and excellent average mileage is the talk of town nowadays and a majority in Pakistan has owned it you can easily find it on the roads of Pakistan. Nissan has launched a few models for commercial sectors and among those few, the most successful has been Nissan pickup a powerful vehicle that can be used for commercial purpose as well as personal use as well. We will suggest you go through the article as it will assist you to know about the specs of Nissan pickup in Pakistan and its price as well.

Nissan pickup is a powerful commercial vehicle

When we always talk about powerful commercial vehicle then without any doubt their power is the key factor to notice. So lets start with the engine specs  Nissan pickup is equipped with a 2400 cc powerful engine that has the capacity to produce more power as per the previous model and less fuel consumption as well. The company has offered its Nissan pickup equipped with a twin turbo 4  valve engine that has the capacity to produce a maximum power of 190 PS and a torque of 450 Nm. When we talk about the transmissions of Nissan Pickup so it becomes slightly complicated  in Europe it is available in both variants automatic and manual while when we talk about Pakistan so generally a simple transmission is offered so it depends on the area from where you are going to import it its specs may vary from area to area and especially when we talk about features of Nissan pickup so they have major difference as per the area they are launched But overall Nissan has tried  its level best to offer an engine that is eco friendly and is capable to produce maximum power without the consumption of a large amount of fuel. The Nissan pick up has the capacity to produce a maximum speed of 110  miles per hour that is sufficient to use. But we would like to mention here that whichever the variant you are going out from Nissan collection they all are diesel used engines so you should be aware of it.

Nissan pickup is useful to carry the load

Nissan pickup is very useful in a sense that you can modify it the way you want for example if you feel like that Nissan pickup should be used as a heavy load carrier so it is always ready with the biggest play or work challenged and it has plenty of power to perform its challenges as per the review Nissan pickup in Pakistan is one of the most useful vehicles you can own in the town. Nissan comes with a capacity of 3.5 tones towing capacity which is for sure not a small job to do. Company has designed Nissan pickup in such a way that it has a capacity of 75 liter of fuel at the spot. It has power widows on both side and has been launched with the ventilated  disc in the front tires  and has drummed with the automatic adjuster and has brake assist programe as well. Electronic stability program is among key features offered in Nissan pick and has key less entry as well. Overall it comes with the capacity of 5 person sitting at a time. Nissan has covered the seats with a leather sheets and has four doors as well. Lets have a brief look at the design of Nissan pickup has been offered with  bold exterior design, sleek aerodynamic shapes and distinctive Led lighting signature of a powerful vehicle. Nissan has been designed as a mixture of simplicity and looks.

Final Verdict

If you are planning to own a powerful commercial vehicle to own in Pakistan you should check with Nissan pick up specs and Nissan pick up reviews as well those are very positive and most above of all the the Nissan pick up is available for a price of 3,900,000 this is something highly appreciable as it price is very competitive and if check comparatively Toyota Hilux in Pakistan then  you may find it much more deluxe comfortable and highly equipped car as compared to others in the market.You should once visit our  website and make a comparison of Nissan pick up with other commercial vehicles in the market you will like it.

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