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Mazda Scrum Commercial Vehicles in Pakistan

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Mazda Scrum

For several generations, the Mazda Scrum Wagon has been produced under an OEM agreement with Suzuki. The model is an analogue of Suzuki Every, and, like many products of so-called badge-engineering, is not much different from the original model. However, it does have some features. For example, in addition to the difference in the front grille and Scrum offers two original body colors from the manufacturer (Pearl White and Violet "Moonlight"), but, however, a smaller number of equipment than Every.

As for the comparison with the previous generation, it can feel more spacious, more comfortable, more opportunities for comfortable transformation of the salon. The simplest configuration of Scrum Wagon is the PX TURBO. It is offered with low and high roof and standard has tinted glass, fully automatic air conditioner with antibacterial filter, wheels 155/70R13 on steel discs and with decorative caps, burglar alarm, access system without the key and start the engine with the button. In the version of PZ TURBO, the main equipment is complemented by: discharge headlights with automatic proofreader, fog lights, roof spoiler, chrome grille, electric rear side door, bus 165/60r14 on aluminum discs. In the most expensive package PZ TURBO SPECIAL available: Folding mirrors with LED repeaters, rear side door with electric drive. In addition to these modifications, offering a quite decent interior, produced and commercial versions with a "wooden" salon.

High Power Engine

The car is equipped with a new r06a engine for all modifications. This cylinder DOHC is equipped with a system for changing the timing of VVT and turbocharger. The maximum power is 47 kw (64 hp) at 6000 rpm. The maximum torque of 95 nm is reached at 3000 rpm. Fuel consumption rates are such that the car can drive on one liter of gasoline up to 16.2 km and up to 14.6 km in wheel. The Scrum Wagon is equipped with an automatic 4-speed transmission. In the new generation, the Scrum wheel base has been increased from 2400 to 2430 mm, increasing the distance between the rows of seats. The small turning radius ensures good maneuverability. The quadruple room provides for transformations depending on the amount of luggage: back seats and front passenger can be folded forward for the carriage of goods, or to discard back already backs of all seats to get a bed. The useful volume in the "Driver with passenger + baggage" option allows you to easily fit two bicycles.

Faster Commercial Vehicle

The safety systems of the Mazda Scrum include not only the usual set for modern cars (front cushions, belts, ISOFIX anchorages, anti braking system, electronic stability control system and " Antibuks "), but also additional security features. For example, it is a collision prevention system which, with the help of a laser radar, estimates the distance to the front of the vehicle and, if necessary, includes braking. At the same time the car is equipped with a system of preventing false (when driving at low speed in tight space). The body design of the high-strength steel has successfully withstood the test at the frontal impact with an offset at a speed of 64 km/h. In this car successfully implemented the idea of increased capacity at the most modest size, which contributes to the almost square body. Together with its original Suzuki Every car arouses interest as the most inexpensive variant of family "minivans"-at that very economical. The absolute Plus is the presence of 4x4 modifications. There are also disadvantages-the real "passenger" comfort even in expensive versions to expect, and among the used cars from Japan, the main contingent are simple commercial modifications.

So many brands are working on commercial vehicles like Honda, Toyota and others. Commercial transport begins to occupy an increasingly important niche in the market with the development of private entrepreneurs. Reliable and economical assistants are simply necessary for conducting various cases. This applies to the transportation of goods and to the transportation of people. At the same time it is very important that such a machine combines excellent carrying capacity, economy and good maneuverability. If you are interested in commercial vehicles for transportation of people, then it is still necessary to add a comfortable salon-otherwise demanding passengers will not like to ride in such a car.

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