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KIA Frontier K2700 Commercial Vehicles in Pakistan

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Kia Frontier K2700

Kia Frontier K2700 is quite popular among other commercial vehicles around the world. The production of a small Korean truck KIA k2700 began in 1997. Its other name is Bongo Frontier. This vehicle is intended for use in the field of small business for small urban transport. For more than ten years of production to 2700 has undergone several modernizations and continues to be produced with the addition that after 2003 in the name of the model added index Bongo 3. The body KIA k2700 twice restyling: The first time in 2000, When the narrow headlights and radiator facing were changed wide, and the second time in 2003. The latest version features a vertically located head optics and air intake, moved on the bumper. The length of KIA k2700 up to 2000 was 5025 mm, from 2000 to 2002-5100 mm, and after 2002-5245 mm. The load capacity of the car is 1 ton. KIA k2700 can be equipped with standard or elongated cab. On the platform, KIA k2700 also collect onboard truck, van, car manipulator, and some other vehicles. Salon KIA k2700 is convenient and practical as far as it can be functional at the truck. The list of the equipment of the salon includes air-conditioner and receiver. The option with a long cab has 2 rows of seats.

Up to 2000 KIA k2700 equipped diesel engines J2 volume 2.7 Land capacity 80 HP after 2000 on the bus began to put motors, unified with the model line Hyundai-turbodiesel engines d4al, with a volume of 3.3 l giving about 115 hp powerful, economical and reliable, almost unaware of failures, these power units have earned a good reputation. The front suspension KIA k2700 is dependent on springs with a transverse beam, the rear is a non-cut bridge on the springs. In front, the vehicle also has a transverse stability stabilizer. On the move, the suspension KIA k2700 well-designed both small potholes and large irregularities, providing an acceptable level of comfort. From transverse inclinations protect stabilizers of lateral stability of the front and back axes. The steering control of the truck to 2700 is quite light and informative, quite comparable to the control of a passenger car – naturally, due to the hydraulic amplifier, which is included in the standard equipment. This circumstance has a positive effect on traffic on busy city streets and alleys. The KIA k2700 transmission is completed with a 5-speed manual gearbox. The drive to the gearbox of the rear axle is carried out by gimbal shaft. Also, there is a variant of the model with the full drive. Keep in mind that we do not guarantee that details we are giving here are totally accurate but we love to avoid mistakes.

Entrance in Pakistan

Buying a used KIA k2700 from Korea, the consumer for a little money gets a reliable and convenient truck, having a fairly simple design and "Japanese" quality of the main units and units. The only condition for the troubled operation of the car is the timely maintenance. A similar Korean car, standardized with 2700, is Hyundai HD-65 (Hyundai). Now, the company has introduced Frontier K2700 pickup truck in Pakistan, in this 2018 year. It happens with partnerships, the company has a partnership with Yunus Brothers Group – Lucky Cement. This pickup comes with 2,665cc diesel engine mated to a 5-speed manual transmission. You can enjoy 80 horsepower at 4,000 rpm and 165Nm of torque at 2,400 rpm. It has deck length of 2180mm, 1630mm, and 844mm with 3 way opening access, with a 60-liter fuel tank capacity. There are two trims in this country for this pickup, the standard, and XL. The extra large version offers you 6 wheels configuration. At the start, the company decided to charge Rs 1.99 million for the standard version and the Frontier XL K2700 pickup is priced at 2.04 million. More, you get 4 years or 100,000km warranty. This is one new competitor for Dewan Daehan Shehzore.

It can compete

How many companies are there to assist drivers? We have seen Honda and Suzuki maintain a vital role in this journey. These companies have maintained a good position in this country. And we hope to see more in future. There is now United Motor to tackle the situation too. The company has a good position in Pakistan and can maintain to a next level if it works impressively.

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