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Hyundai H1 Commercial Vehicles in Pakistan

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Hyundai H-1 Price in Pakistan

Hyundai H1 price in Pakistan is PKR 5,50,000. The Hyundai H-1 is debuting on various generations from time to time with added features. The principle value of the new H-1 is comfortable transportation of passengers. This minivan offers the comfort level of a car. The passenger sector of the salon consists of three rows of convertible seats. Impeccable ergonomics together with good materials create a unique cozy atmosphere inside the new Hyundai H-1. The H-1 seats can be transformed according to the needs. 2 passenger sliding doors of this minivan allow to carry out the most convenient landing.

Modern Design

The Hyundai H-1 instrument panel is characterized by modern and practical designer solutions. The handle of the gearbox is placed on the central console, just above are the controls of the audio system, the climate. Power Units 2.5 CRDi demonstrate power, productivity and efficiency. The Hyundai H-1 suspension is a compromise between the durability of the design and the softness. Disc brakes, 16 "in diameter, contribute to the confident braking of the heavy minivan. More than 5-meter Hyundai H-1 is paradoxically small turning radius, which equals 5.6 m.

Latest models, compared with its predecessor, changed on all fronts-became significantly more attractive outside and inside, was enlarged in size, has acquired modern features and "prescribed" under the hood, to the extent of the powerful engines. The second car, body length Hyundai H-1 the second generation stretches the 5150 mm and its width and height are stacked in 1920 and 1925 mm mm respectively. Wheelbase 3200 mm stretches across machines, and its ground clearance achieves very solid 190 mm. In "traveling", weighs from 2010 to 2260 kg depending on the decision. The Interior of the van makes a favorable impression concise and attractive design is simple and functional "flap" appliances, a large steering wheel design, pleasing central console with a recorder and modern climate Panel.

In addition to this, the decoration of the car attracts well thought-out ergonomics, high levels of practicality and good performance. Look at Starex, Salon Hyundai H-1 Starex impresses Grand-it can sit eight people (including the driver). In front of the posted comfortable chairs with clear support at the sides and a large set of regulations, and behind them one after another 2 full triple couch (Central range to the same configured in the longitudinal direction). With the practicality of a minivan in the Korean order-when 8 layout its trunk holds 842 liters, which should be sufficient. However, for loading of bulky cargo will have to spend a lot of time and play around with bilges transformation options. Full-size spare wheel vehicle to save space is suspended under the bottom.

Technical characteristics

Keep in mind that we do not guarantee that details we are giving here are totally accurate but we love to avoid mistakes. There are many models, one model of Hyundai H-1 Grand Starex diesel is available in 2 versions, which are completed with the only drive to the wheels of the rear axle: Initial in "arming" minibus rsii row-based Quartet diesel CRDi WGT volume 2.5 litre (2497 CC) that meets environmental demands of "Euro-4". Engine, fuel injection equipped with Common Rail injection system, turbocharger with variable geometry and TIMING with the 16-valve structure, generates 116 horsepower at 3800 revs/minute, and 343 Nm of torque capacity of 1500-2250/minute. In conjunction with the 6-speed manual transmission, this allows the machine to conquer «maksimalku» in the 154 km/h, being dispersed to the first "hundreds" after long 22.1 seconds, and be satisfied with 8.1 litres "diesel" in combined conditions at 100 km.

Performance have in their arsenal of CRDi VGT diesel engine of a similar amount, but well-stocked turbocharger with variable geometry (otherwise it is identical to the less powerful "fellow"), whose performance reaches 170 " Stallions "with 3600 Rev/minute and 441 Nm peak moment when 2000-2250 Rev/minute. In tandem with the 5-band "automaton" such aggregate speeds up the "Korean" up to 100 km/h in 14.4 seconds, and "drinks" is not more than 9 litres/route mode. The "ceiling" of the minibus falls at 180 km/h. Hyundai h-1 stands out the classic layout-bearing element of the design is considered to be the body, and the powerplant is placed longitudinally in the frontal part. The front wheels of the car are based on independent suspension with Macpherson Struts and rear-dependent architecture spring-lever type. In the "base" vehicle equipped with steering gear-"nut", which integrated hydraulic power. The slowdown on "Korean" run disc brakes "on the terms": front ventilated applied "pancakes", and rear-conventional devices. It offers AUX, ABS, EBD, multi-function steering wheel, power steering, light alloy wheels dimension of 16 inches, heated front seats, shuttle computer mirrors, heated and electrically more.

The Grand Starex car mainly locks the commercial vehicle market, uses different names in different countries, including iload, IMax, i800 and H1. The ample wheelbase length allows the grand Starex cockpit to place 4 rows of seats accommodating 12 people. The Starex 2.5-liter diesel engine is divided into 138 maximum horsepower and 35.95 kg meter peak torque (with 6-speed hand-row gearbox) and 172 maximum horsepower and 45.9 kg meter peak torque (with 5-speed self-discharge gearbox) 2 power outputs. South Korean market buyers can match the differential locking function of the four-wheel drive system.

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