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HINO Commercial Vehicles in Pakistan

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Hino Cars

Hino motor is a Japanese brand of commercial motors founded in 1942. They have introduced a vast range of Hino Truck and Hino Bus in Pakistan. If you want to check the Hino bus price in Pakistan and Hino Truck price in Pakistan then do visit which compare the price of your desired car or vehicle with other car brands in Pakistan and help you to make a better decision within your budget.

Hino, company is a leading producer of medium and heavy-duty diesel trucks in Asia. Hino Motors is a constituent of the Nikkei 225 on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. It is a subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corporation and one of 16 major companies of the Toyota Group.

It produced its first motor vehicle in 1917, the Model TGE "A-Type" truck. In 1937, TG&E merged its automobile division with that of Automobile Industry Co., Ltd. and Kyodo Kokusan K.K., to form Tokyo Automobile Industry Co., Ltd., with TG&E as a shareholder. Four years later, the company changed its name to Diesel Motor Industry Co., Ltd., which would eventually become Isuzu Motors Limited.

Hino has been marketing trucks in Canada since the 1970s. Hino Motors Canada Ltd. is the exclusive distributor of Hino products in Canada and is part of the Toyota Group of Companies. Hino Motors Manufacturing Colombia (HMMC) is a partnership between the Mitsui group and the Colombia manager for the Hino Brand, PRACO-Didacol S.A. The partnership assembles medium and heavy trucks, destined mainly to the export market for the Andinean and Central American countries. They had joint ventures with Israel, Mexico, US America and Russia.

In mid-2008, Hino Motors was said to be building a new truck assembly facility in Guanajuato, Mexico, serving international deliveries. The facility was reportedly built in an 80:20 partnership with Japanese trading firm Mitsui, opening in 2009 and with a production capacity for 1,200 of the Hino 500 series trucks per year.

Hino Dutro is light commercial truck shared with the Toyota Dyna, manufactured by Hino Motors. Dutro (2nd generation) and Standard cab equipped PCS radar since 2016 model(Forward) most famous from this range of light trucks.

For export market, the Hino Dutro is sold in Australia, Chile, Colombia, Indonesia, Malaysia, The Philippines, Thailand, Sri Lanka and other countries in Latin America. As of 2008, the Dutro was available in Canada as the 'Hino 155'. Canadian models are built in Woodstock, Ontario from CKD kits imported from Japan.

The Latin-American models are built in Cota (Cundinamarca), Colombia by Hino Motor Manufacturing Colombia, from CKD kits imported from Japan. In some of these markets, however, the trucks are imported from Japan completely assembled.

Like the Dyna and its twin Toyoace, the Dutro is built on the U300 platform for standard Cab, or U400 platform for the wide cab and offered in many different chassis types suitable for different purposes. The Hino Dutro took over from the earlier Ranger 2 (and Ranger 3), a badge-engineered version of Daihatsu's Delta series. Outside of Japan, it is also known as the '300 series'.

A new assembly plant is located in the town of Cota, in Colombia, built and financed by two partners: one local company and the Toyota group, the majority owner of the Hino subsidiary and the brand. The initial products of this portfolio, assembled at this factory were Hino series 300 light Cargo (Dutra series truck).

Hino Pakistan Motors was formed in 1985 by a diverse group of sponsors. These included Hino Motors Limited, Toyota Tsusho Corporation, Al-Futtaim Group and PACO. In 1998, Hino Motors, and Toyota Tsusho Corporation obtained majority shareholding in the company after disinvestments by the other two founding sponsors.

Hino Pakistan Motors manufactures and markets diesel trucks and buses in Pakistan. Hino Pakistan Motors has gained 70% market share making it the largest manufacturer in medium and heavy-duty truck and bus industry in Pakistan. Hino Pakistan Motors Head Office is located in S.I.T.E Industrial Area, Karachi Sindh Pakistan so dealers can get the original Hino motors from Hino Pakistan authentic dealers. It is the largest bus and truck manufacturer in Pakistan and the authorized assembler and manufacturer of Hino vehicles since 1985 at its assembly plant in Province Sindh. That is why this brand gives best of all trucks and buses at quite reasonable prices because of the locally manufacturing unit at Karachi.

The largest Manufacturer of Buses in Pakistan, Hino Pak is fully-equipped to design and manufacture a wide range of Bus Chassis and all types of Bus Bodies. Hino cars Pakistan includes cars and heavy vehicles like bus line up includes the Roadliner Supreme Luxury Bus for long journeys, Citiliner Intercity Buses, Citiliner Urban Buses, luxury Senator Coach and Rapidliner Deluxe Coach, Hino 700 2016, Hino 500, Hino 300, Starliner, Skyliner-deluxe, Skyliner-Galaxy, Superliner, CNG bus, Urban Bus etc. Hino truck Pakistan, have a vast range of heavy vehicles manufactured in Pakistan.

As Hino cars are famous for their heavy-duty vehicles that really meet the needs of road transport.

Hino Renault 4C, built under the license, Contessa passenger car built in 1960, Toyota FJ Cruiser, SUV built for Toyota, 2006-2016.

Hino buses in Pakistan are really a beautiful and masterpiece as they were awesome in design and their heavy engines made them really attractive. Hino trucks are famous for their beautiful design and their comfortable drive. Their trucks really have the beauty of design and innovation in features. Hino trucks and buses have long been marketed and stressed their historic reputation for solidity and reliability. Prior to strong government safety regulation, Hino trucks had been at the forefront of safety engineering.

Try to compare the prices of trucks and buses of Hino motors and get the best price from authentic dealers near you and have a safe journey ahead with the surety of original spare part.

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