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Volvo S90 Cars in Pakistan


Volvo S90

Volvo S90 is sedan among other cars around the world while might impress some people and some not. This is a replacement for the previous S80 model in the lineup, Volvo announced in 2013. Since that time, scraps of information began to seep into the press, gradually opening the veil of secrecy over the Swedish novelty. The opportunity to make preliminary conclusions about the car appeared in late summer 2015 when a number of publications were published images of a large-scale model sedan. Getting acquainted with photographic materials and technical details does not give any doubt that the new model Volvo is one of the technological creations. The car has a modern appearance, luxurious salon with high-quality finishing materials, innovative systems of assistance to the driver, a wide range of power plants. But it might impress the people of Pakistan. And, similar equipment can boast almost every representative of the segment, be it Audi A6, Jaguar XF or Lexus GS. In this regard, there is no other way to learn more about the details by identifying the strengths that can allow the new Volvo S90 to fight against the above and a number of other models on an equal footing. Honda cars are also in-game.

Matter of Solid Design

Let's start with the fact that the sedan is based on the universal SPA platform, already lookout the basis for the crossover XC90. In the case of Volvo S90, it allowed creating the most rigid frame, which was used in the construction of steel with different strength characteristics and aluminum. Overall dimensions of the sedan look like this: Length-4963 mm, Width-1890 mm, height-1443 mm. The distance between the front and the rear axle was 2941 mm. As we can see, in comparison with S80 the novelty has become much larger and at the same time squat. The road clearance of the new model is 152 mm. The appearance of Volvo S90 year is designed in accordance with the company's design concept, the hallmark of which is the front with T-shaped running lights, which are named "Hammer Thor". The optics of this configuration we observed on Volvo XC90, it now decorates and the nose of the new flagship, naturally, while having its own stylistic features. The view of the sedan on the side allows to find a domed roof, topped characteristic fin, body sidewalls with smooth wires, large doorways, graceful rearview mirrors, large cutouts of wheel arches under the rubber of 20-inch size. Finishing the inspection of the exterior of Volvo S90, it should be noted that the Swedes have turned out very cute. The model harmoniously combines a variety of lines, body transitions, and punches. Not a single element looks foreign and repulsive. Keep in mind that we do not guarantee that details we are giving here are totally accurate but we love to avoid mistakes.

Suzuki cars are also playing good. If the appearance of the car can be called attractive, then when hitting the salon want to find more vivid epithets. The successful combination of color shades and high-class materials furnish creates the unique atmosphere which can boast not every car. The maximally convenient accommodation is facilitated by front armchairs and not less comfortable rear sofa, formally intended for placing of three passengers, but in fact being rather double. The central console of the sedan is completely unloaded from control elements, the role of which is usually performed by all sorts of buttons and switches. In their place, the developers placed a huge 9.5-inch screen multimedia system Connect, completely taking responsibility for the interaction with the driver. Only a small block of classic buttons providing quick access to a number of functions is located just below the main display. The Volvo S90 instrument panel is designed to match the car's status, so it has a graphical version with different data display options.

Speaking about the richness of its model, representatives of Volvo not least paid attention to a wide list of electronic assistants. In addition to a standard set of road signs or parking assistants, one Volvo S90 in 2018 can offer the Pilot Assist function, which is an extended version of the active cruise control. Normal operation of the system is possible only with clear markings and good weather conditions. The maximum speed limiting the limit of autonomous piloting is 130 km/h. It is interesting that the Swedish company has been developing a full-fledged autopilot for a long time, so it is possible to expect that this development, albeit not in the short term, will begin to be installed on the brand model. The specifications of Volvo S90 are determined by the features of the Drive-E family, which have all as one 2-liter volume. The total number of variants of power plants, and, therefore, and modifications, is equal to five.


Gasoline engine two, and they have a return of 254 hp (version Volvo S90 T5) and 320 hp (Volvo S90 T6). The maximum torque of such aggregates is 350 and 400 nm respectively. The car with a more powerful 320-strong engine accelerates to 100 km/h in 5.8 seconds and on average consumes about 7.3 liters of fuel. Diesel is represented by 190-strong (Volvo S90 D4) and 235-strong (Volvo S90 D5) units. Turbo motor generates up to 400 nm of torque, which allows reaching a speed limit of 100 km/h in 8.2 seconds. More than diesel D5 (480 nm) on the same march-throw will need only 7.3 seconds. Instead of fuel, it spends on the average of 1 liter more – 5.1 liters against 4.1 liters at D4. A separate item is a hybrid installation, built on the basis of gasoline T6 capacity of 320 hp (discussed above). It includes an electric motor with a recoil of 65 kW (240 nm). The tandem of the two units, which form the Volvo S90 T8, produces a total of 407 hp and 640 nm. The declared fuel consumption is not more than 1.9 liters on 100 km of the way. As it was possible to achieve such efficiency in the case of a very heavy car (weight up to 2150 kg), remains a mystery. This is very expensive car among other cars.

  • Latest design
  • Fast
  • Not very techy
  • Very expensive
  • Lack of service centers
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