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United Bravo 800cc Cars in Pakistan

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United Bravo

United Autos is considered among one of the top bike manufacturers in Pakistan, who are now planning to make a name for themselves in the automotive industry of Pakistan. The name Bravo of the upcoming United 800cc hatchback automobile is renamed of the DAHE Motor DH350.

United Bravo 800cc Car price is expected to be around Rs.500,000 to Rs.600,000, which is quite competitive as compared to its competitor Suzuki Mehran. Mr. Afzal General Manager Sales and Marketing of United Autos has recently confirmed that this upcoming hatchback car will be fully loaded with the latest features and specs, which the locally designed and produced hatchbacks of different brands lack. It will be featuring a 3 cylinder 800cc engine, keyless entry, Power Steering, AC, LCD sound system and a Back Camera.

A standard car

United Bravo 800cc is on the way, reportedly (even photos have been released). This will be a competitor for Suzuki Mehran and Suzuki Wagnor in Pakistan. Please note that since the car is not released, everything discussed here is based on rumors, leaks, and predictions. This car will be rebadged as Dahe DH350. What does matter when it comes to buying a new car? We think for everything including a beautiful power steering. This should be a car offering you high haymaker. I am not sure what will be there, an electronic steering or hydraulic steering. We expect a modern that offer power and efficiency, possibly along with the automatic transmission. Stout body structures are good, we should take everything seriously. Working on EPS for a long time, so many people can like electric system instead of hydraulic. The hydraulic systems do debut in different styles and designs for different kinds of cars and solutions.

For budget conscious people, 800cc commercial cars are popular a lot. The design matter, United Bravo will offer a little design than Mehran. It would make you comfortable with a little large design and comfortable seats. This 4x4 car can earn good popularity in this country for the company and we are happy to see a new player is playing for the country. We should give it attention, this would be just like appreciation. Four door cars with comfortable seats, possibly a sunroof option will overhead body, a rack for placing luggage and more. So many people spend a long time to configure what they like when they come to design. Custom cars are not a lot popular but option to customize the various aspect of cars is popular a lot. So many people like to stay engaged on this platform. It brings you close to typical dealers and manufacturers focus on this a lot. Not everything is at fingertips for everyone, so selection should be careful. What about standard design and functions? I think this is just a traditional car with traditional design and features. It will hopefully have an air conditioner, rearview camera, and lamps that you can use to drive in foggy weather. It will be 800cc 3 cylinder car.

Affordable prices matter


United Bravo would not cost a lot, possibly around PKR 650,000. It is very competitive on selection and it will give a tuff time to different cars available in this country. We are not sure when the company will introduce this car to this country, but we expect it will arrive within a few months, possibly before the end of 2018. It will be a hatchback and I think it would be the best hatchback car to buy in Pakistan at a not very high price. It is reportedly renamed Dahe Motor DH350. It will be a standard size car with standard and trendy features. United is a motorbike company in this country and we are happy to see this company now working as a car maker. The company is possibly using Chinese parts in manufacturing this car. Affordable prices matter, the company is expected to offer affordable commercial vehicles for a long time. So many people would hopefully interested in buying cars made by this United because of its affordable prices. But it does not really mean that it would be cheap on drive and use, it would offer a wide range of features that help you in making things easy.


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