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Toyota Fortuner Cars in Pakistan

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Toyota Fortuner

If you’re looking for grandeur along with a power-filled performance, you can never ignore the amazing new Toyota Fortuner. The 2nd generation of this SUV was introduced in Pakistani automobiles back in 2009 for the very first time. In 2018, here is a piece of fabulous news for all potential car buyers that Toyota Fortuner 2017 onwards has now begun being assembled here in Pakistan. Therefore, there will be a reduction of about thirty-seven percent in the Toyota Fortuner price in Pakistan as compared to the cost of the imported versions. Moreover, another thrilling piece of news is that your favorite vehicle is now available with an automatic transmission system. In Pakistan, it is launched Fortuner 2.7 VVtI liters AT while it is rumored that the diesel variant will be launched soon in Pakistan, and this beauty costs around 5.24 million PKR.


Fortuner is a vehicle which looks glamorous from every angle. It is available in three gorgeous colors in the Pakistani market. The metal body of Fortuner speaks of strength and durability. Its exterior went through an extreme makeover during the last one year. Sharper lines, a broader front grille and bigger headlights are a few of the most prominent changes which have been brought to the front of the vehicle. In fact, the SUV has a completely new face now. These modifications have resulted in a new Fortuner which resembles the Land Cruiser to a great extent. The head lights of the vehicle have LED lights in them which further adds to the beauty of the car. The rear lights are much like the latest LX570, stretched and aggressive. The latest Toyota Fortuner 2018 has hydraulic trunk and bonnet. These hydraulic features are a blessing in SUV’s as they are very heavy and it gets difficult to hold them. Both the front and rear bumpers are large enough with bulbs installed in them. It is a common trend to see large bumpers these days as it not only reduces the weight of the vehicle but also helps in better acceleration.


The vehicle is passenger friendly and it has a cup holder for the rear passenger in the hand rest found between the seats. The vehicle is equipped with 7 inch LCD screen. For further comfort for passengers at the back, AC vents are available at the back too. Seats at the back can be folded to increase the space for luggage. The steering of the vehicle is somewhat similar to Toyota Hilux Revo. The other driving amenities are Paddle shifts, all-terrain performance switch, multiple cooling stations, cool box, steering switches, cruise control, smart driving mode, illuminated controls, smart connectors, rear air conditioning and LED room lamp.


Matchless Power There is absolutely no issues involved when it comes to the power of the vehicle. At 1,400 rpm, a torque of 35 kgm is generated. This means there is a considerable amount of pulling power. Moreover, the performance is further enhanced by its light-weight. Being ninety-five Kg lighter than the manual version, it lets you feel very light and smooth to handle and offers lots of energy when you drive it. A Twin CAM 2TR-FE engine powers up this huge vehicle.

Just like other magnificent vehicles, Toyota's cars have a large price tag attached to it. The luxury of this vehicle costs you over 5 million rupees in Pakistan's auto market. Therefore, the marvelous SUV with its nifty new features is exclusively available for the elite class of the country. This six-seater is out of reach of most of the average income families who cannot pay Toyota Fortuner price.

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