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Toyota Corolla Fielder Cars in Pakistan

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Toyota Corolla Fielder

2018 brings the third-generation Corolla Fielder by Toyota, exclusively for the Japanese domestic market. Pakistani buyers can still import the Corolla Fielder, these cars are quiet in use in the local market mostly imported as reconditioned or used cars.
The 2018 Corolla Fielder features newly designed front bumper and grille and grey stripe trim for the seat back. White colored seats popular in the Corolla Fielder WxB before, and are still there with minute detailing.
With the first facelift, the Corolla Fielder debuted the Toyota Safety Sense C package. This safety suite for compact cars is standard across the new Toyota Corolla Fielder range. In addition, the new model's cars in Pakistan feature Intelligent Clearance Sonar that helps prevent or mitigate collisions caused by rapid acceleration after pedal misapplication. On detecting an obstacle, the system reduces the engine or motor output and automatically applies the brakes if the distance to the object is further reduced.
The 2018 Toyota Corolla Fielder’s powertrain options are a carryover from the old model. There are no changes in the output figures, but Toyota has improved the hybrid powertrain’s fuel economy from 33.8 km per liter to 34.4 km per liter. It is a decent Japanese family car, both from the perspectives of safety, hardware and luxury, we can not call it a very luxurious car, but it does have a lot of features for your use.
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