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Toyota C-HR Cars in Pakistan

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Toyota C-HR

With the C-HR's risky design, Toyota cars look to embrace youth once again. As someone who appreciates those who stand out from the crowd, we cheer the C-HR as it appears in concept form at auto shows over the last couple of years, finally revealing its production version at last year's Los Angeles Auto Show. The C-HR comes out with bold styling, although that approach is not uncommon in the compact SUV market. However, countering expectations driven by the expected specs, the C-HR makes use of a new platform from Toyota, the same one that makes the new generation Prius actually drive like a real car. That platform uses MacPherson struts up front and a double-wishbone at the rear to make up the C-HR's suspension, components that generally lead to good driving dynamics.


So the Toyota C-HR 2018 is a small hatchback with standard 18-inch wheels and a higher riding position than a typical car, the C-HR begins with Toyota design language at the front end, similar to the new Corolla and Camry. From there, things get a little crazy. The headlight casings stream down the robust front fenders, a deep contour line swoops up the rear fender to meet the down-curving roofline, and a slotted spoiler hangs over the hatch.


Reflecting the diamond profile of the C-HR's side, the interior designers put diamond-shaped imprints in the door panels and headliner. That unique styling drops down to earth with hard plastic trim pieces around the cabin. Looks aside, the cloth-covered, manually adjustable front seats offered well-padded comfort, while headroom proved adequate in the front and rear.

Engine and Transmission

Once behind the wheel, you will forget your disappointment in the C-HR's cabin electronics. The C-HR is solid, with the engine, transmission, steering, and suspension all working in harmony. The C-HR's continuously variable transmission (CVT) meters out the 2.0-liter engine's modest power in a linear and predictable manner. The acceleration, while not breathtaking, is quite adequate for most traffic maneuvers. Although the 2-liter engine isn't overly powerful, the C-HR exhibits solid driving dynamics.

Along with a set of solid colors, Toyota will offer the C-HR in three colors with a white roof overhead. The big bonus for C-HR comes from Toyota's decision to equip all its cars with its Toyota Safety Sense driver assistance package, a collection of safety features using camera and radar to automatically brake before a collision and warn drivers of lane drifting. On top of that standard package, the C-HR also incorporates standard adaptive cruise control, which automatically matches the speed of slower traffic ahead, and can bring the car to a complete stop.
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