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Suzuki Hustler Cars in Pakistan

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Suzuki Hustler

Suzuki Hustler is a good-looking small car you can buy. The miniature car Suzuki Hustler, belonging to the Japanese class "Kay-Cars", has a high door body in the "crossover" style, and in the cabin he has four seats. The car has a cylinder 658-a cubic engine-atmospheric (52 hp) or turbocharged (64 hp) paired with the first power unit, buyers can pair with a more powerful motor-only variation. Suzuki Hustler hatchback has been produced since the beginning of 2014, Suzuki hustler 2018 Price is very high. This car also has a "twin"-Mazda Flair Crossover.


Among Suzuki cars, this can is designed to combine the "versatility" of the crossover and the "compactness" of the hatchback in one body. The model got the name Hustler ("Dodger"). The car is designed on the basis of K-Wagon Suzuki wagon R and a lot of it inherited. Suitcase appearance "Hustler" describe the special meaning is not. Suzuki hustler 2018, designers had the task to create a car that would look like fashionable today "Suva" and thus would be quite compact to remain a hatchback. It was generally successful. Round headlights and vertical lifting of the front section of the body remind Us "classic" SUVs, the "sneakers" are told by unpainted rapids and fenders. Smooth straight lines of the body complement this feeling. Stamping on the sides of the body gives originality of the exterior of the car, playing on the contrast of straight and circular lines.

Now let's turn to the technical moments of Suzuki Hustler. The developers had to lift the chassis from Wagon R by 3 centimeters to Hustler clearance resembled crossovers. As a result, the height of the road lumen was 180 mm. The center of gravity, however, also rose, so the springs in the suspension made rough, and in front of all the equipment installed stabilizers. Such simple "movements" keep a lot of nerves to future owners on steep turns. Under the hood of "Hustler" Installed 3-cylinder 660-cube engine. It aggregated with variant gearbox * and is equipped with six latest fuel economy systems, including engine restart, special electrical installation ENE-Charge and other "innovations" from the Suzuki Wagon R package. Fuel consumption Atmospheric wheel version of Hustler is 3.4 liters per hundred, there is one version which consumes 3.7 liters. The power of the atmospheric motor is equal to 52 hp (38 kw), the turbo version develops 64 hp (47 kw). Torque at the first motor-6.4 kg-m, the second-9.7 kg-M.

The company in its practice has equipped cars with the system of control of movement at descent and a system of control of start on a snow road or on a road with a viscous ground. The abundance of beautiful names in the list of security systems pleases. There is an automatic system of emergency braking in case of a collision, and the function of limiting the transfer of torque at the start from the place, if under the wheels there is a disturbance of movement, and automatic alarm operation at a sharp and electronic stabilization system. New little, but for such a machine with a reserve. By the way, the car is also equipped with a five manual gearbox, which in combination with a full drive and atmospheric motor promises to become the most voracious version of Suzuki Hustler, as the manufacturer states that less than 4.3 Liters. This variant of the car will not be able to eat.

Some History

The model of the car called Suzuki Hustler is one of the latest achievements of the Japanese developers of this brand. The car can be attributed to the K-Cars family. This is a class of popular in Japan compact cars. It is noteworthy that this segment can include not only traditional compact hatchbacks, but also vans, minivans and SUVs. This segment is firmly entrenched in the Japanese automobile subculture. Such "Tiny" cars gave a lot of advantages to their owners. Owners of Suzuki Hustler could easily park their car even in the most confined space. Besides, owners of such modern small transport could seriously save on taxes and obligatory payments. In fact, Suzuki Hustler is a micro-crossover. This concept has proved to be very successful and profitable for developers. SUV segment is now on the rise. With compact dimensions, the manufacturing company was able to maintain its traditional concept of the model range.

The novelty was very popular in Tokyo, where it was first introduced. The "crossover" body type allows to overcome the "urban jungle" and gives the opportunity to four adult passengers to comfortably fit inside the cabin. The designers paid a key attention to the functionality and ergonomics of the salon. Seats are easily transformed, which significantly increases the level of comfort during operation. The exterior styling of the car under the crossover design and large enough wheels are the key features of the Suzuki Hustler. On the basis of this car Japanese colleagues from the company Mazda created a twin brother. Mazda Flair Crossover is almost a complete analogue of Suzuki Hustler among Mazda cars.

Interesting points

Toyota Hustler is a typical representative of the Japanese Kay-Cars segment. The micro-crossover can easily overcome the "urban jungle" and will allow you to park in the most confined space. The company Mazda has created its own clone Suzuki Hustler. The OEM-twin is almost no different from its kin and is called Mazda Flair Crossover. The car of this brand became a car of the year in Japan. This is the decision taken by automobile experts and journalists.

Impressive Design

The representative of Kay-Cars has a body that looks like an SUV. But small size. The compact crossover delights its owners with a confident ride in the "Urban Jungle". Do not forget about the full-drive versions that make the control even more comfortable. Door body has a spacious interior, which can easily accommodate up to four adult passengers. The cabin is spacious and comfortable, it is quite functional and ergonomic. It can be easily transformed if necessary. As a motor engineers used the traditional Suzuki 660-cube atmospheric unit, which can produce 52 hp turbocharged version will delight "much more power" in 64 HP transmission-classical mechanics or variation. The version with variation and the full drive is additionally equipped with an assistant at descent and traction system. This is the first time such systems are used in K-Kara.

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