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Suzuki Every Cars in Pakistan

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Suzuki Every

The Suzuki Every is a boxy mini MPV just like the Suzuki Bolan but it is from Japan and is a Kei car. Unlike the Suzuki Bolan, the Every has a little 660cc engine. The current model is the 11th generation which is just slightly different then it's the previous model. The car is very boxy and aerodynamics have not been considered but the focus has been on practicality and cheapness. It has normal front doors but sliding doors on the back with a normal hatchback in the rear. The lights are not aggressive but the rear lights being on its bumper are prone to damage.

Moving inside, the materials used are two-tone plastic trims(black and beige) and fabric seats with leather upholstery being an extra option. The car being a mini MPV is quite spacious both in the front and back but is not the very best if you're looking for comfort and good materials. Standard features on the GA and PA include air conditioning, power lock doors, and a tachometer. Require a bit more, features on the higher end PC include power steering, power lock doors, front power windows and keyless entry. Still not satisfied, features on the highest end Join and Join Turbo variant include rear power its feature and price with all cars in Pakistan on

Going under the hood, like all Kei cars you will find a little 660cc(0.66litre) SOHC 12 Valve inline 3 cylinder engine connected to either a 5-speed manual or a CVT Automatic transmission. The power is given to the front wheels or all wheels with the all wheel drive variant present in places with harsh weather only. The little engine does a whooping 24KM/L as it was made to be fuel efficient rather than being sporty. It has a 40-liter fuel tank making its estimated driving range of about 960km's.

Overall the Suzuki Every 2018 is a pretty good vehicle being compared to its competitors, the Suzuki Bolan and Daihatsu Hijet. As mentioned before, it has excellent fuel consumption, is easy manurer and is very roomy. Like all Kei cars, the main issue with this vehicle is its expensive maintenance and lack of spare parts.

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