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Suzuki cervo Cars in Pakistan


Suzuki Cervo


Suzuki cars are one of the most popular and hottest selling car brand in Pakistan, it has its origin from Japan, with headquarters in Minami-Ku, Hamamatsu. It has developed into a multinational corporation over the years and is famous for its Motorbikes, Cars, ATVs, Wheelchairs and marine engines as well other such similar engines and became the 9th largest automobile producer from all over the world. Suzuki has 133 distributors in around 192 countries today. Coming to Pakistan, Pak Suzuki Motor Company has been here in Pakistan since forever, it is the official assembler, distributor, and dealer of Suzuki cars in Pakistan and has become the largest distributor and assembler of cars all across Pakistan. Pak Suzuki deals will all Suzuki cars in Pakistan including Mehran, Cultus, Wagon R, Ravi, Swift and the previously Khyber and Liana. Yet, Suzuki vehicles assembled or manufactured in Pakistan do not completely reach the standards set by the Suzuki Corporation itself, not a single Pakistani Suzuki Car has airbags or other such safety features, some of the older versions did not even have air conditioners.

Pakistan Suzuki could initially not compete for the sedans by Honda and Corolla for the matter, so it proved its mettle by producing the most wonderful compact cars in the context of Pakistan. One of such cars that ruled and is still ruling the roads of Pakistan is the Suzuki Cervo. The Suzuki Cervo Pakistan was manufactured from 2006 till 2009 and is not only popular in Pakistan but was sold all over all Asian countries.There are many Suzuki Cervo's on roads of Pakistan.

Suzuki Cervo Price in Pakistan

The Suzuki Cervo price in Pakistan is not too cheap or expensive but like Japanese Kei cars of its time can be bought from around 6-8 lacs according to its specs and condition.


Suzuki Cervo 2018 is a popular Kei car. The reason is that it is cheaper than other Kei cars and is just like the other Kei cars. Today it is hard to find one in Pakistan as they have to be imported and their production has stopped. It has some competitors like other Japanese Kei cars, for example, the Daihatsu Mira, Daihatsu move and the Suzuki Alto.


The car was not a major success but not a big blunder too, it did in October 2007 received the Good Design Reward. Still, the car did not do quite well for itself and its production was discontinued in December 2009.

The car's interior is much more luxurious then it's predecessor. The car had pretty good cabin space and headroom due to its tall figure. The dash and the door panels were made of plastic but the materials used were not that bad. Seats were covered in fabric and leather upholstery was an option. It's higher variants came with keyless entry and other gadgets too. Other features were pretty normal like all Kei cars being the infotainment system, the climate control and different kinds of driving assists.

Engine and Mileage

Coming towards the power terrain, the car had a standard 0.66-litre(660cc) inline 3 cylinder engine. It came in both naturally aspirated and turbocharged variants. The naturally breathing engine made 54 hp while the turbocharged engine made 60 hp. Later in 2007, the SR version came out with a direct injection turbo engine making 64 hp but these models are quite rare to find. The SR version also had a special 7-speed automatic transmission. The fuel mileage a was 23 km per liter which is pretty average for these Kei cars. The SR version also had some improved aero kits installed and also a roof spoiler.


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