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Suzuki Alto Cars in Pakistan

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Suzuki Alto

The Suzuki Alto is a Japanese Kei car. These cars are known for their low fuel consumption and small size reducing road congestion. For these reasons, taxes are low on these cars. Like all available Kei cars, it comes in either front wheel drive or all wheel drive configuration with the all-wheel-drive variants only available in areas with harsh climates. The new Alto has a completely changed exterior with a nerdy and cute look to it. Coming to the back of the car, It is a standard hatchback and has its tail lights placed on its rear bumper making them prone to damage and also very new and unique in the car industry in Pakistan.
Like all Kei cars, the Alto is also quite comfortable and roomy from its interior. Materials used are plastic and fabric but they are quite reasonable for its price. Leather upholstery is not an option but features include power steering, power lock doors, power windows, air conditioning, a tachometer, satellite navigation, contrast stitching and climate control. Overall the interior is quite nice with decent technology and comfort, it is almost perfect for the little amount you are paying.

The engine is like all Kei cars is a 0.66-litre(660cc) Inline 3 cylinder. All of this little power is transferred to the wheels by a 4-Speed CVT Automatic Transmission. The car does an average 15km's per liter with a 30litre fuel tank making the estimated driving range of 450km. Overall the car is pretty nice compared to its competitors being the Daihatsu Mira, Honda N One, Toyota Vitz and the Nissan Moco with a nice ride quality, decent economy, and small exterior dimensions. Like all Kei cars, spare parts are difficult to get and maintenance is expensive.

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