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Suzuki Cars in Pakistan

Suzuki is a well-known Japanese multinational automaker, which specializes in manufacturing motorcycles, automobiles, hatchbacks, ATV’s, sedans and a vast variety of small internal combustion engine. Suzuki cars can be seen in any city of Pakistan, which is all because of their economical price and many other salient features. The image of the Suzuki cars Pakistan tends to hold an extravagant repute in the automobile industry. Pak Suzuki which is most commonly known as Suzuki Pakistan was a joint venture of Pakistan Automobiles Corporation with Suzuki Motor Corporation.

Suzuki has introduced a new technology by the name of “Euro 2” which is what you will witness in new Suzuki cars. Euro 2 is basically not a technology but it is an aim set by Suzuki to reduce carbon emission. The popular cars of Suzuki that are available in Pakistan include Suzuki Mehran, Suzuki Swift, Suzuki Cultus, Suzuki APVSuzuki Ciaz and many other sedans and SUVs. In Pakistan, there are many dealers of brand new Suzuki cars, who offers the same price which is offered at official showrooms of Suzuki. The dealers of Suzuki cars are found in every nook and corner from Quetta to Karachi, you just name the place and the seller is present there.

Here I will be discussing the Suzuki car prices in Pakistan, so the consumer will know what automobile of Suzuki to buy at what price. The Suzuki Cultus 2018 is available in two variants which are VXR and VXL in a price range of Rs.12,50,000 to Rs.15,28,000. It is also considered among one of the most selling cars in Pakistan. Suzuki Mehran 2018 is available in four variants, which are VX, VX CNG, VXR and VXR CNG. The price of its variants start from Rs.6,89,000 to Rs.8,02,000. The Suzuki Swift 2018 is available in two variants, which are manual and automatic. The price starts from Rs.13,75,000 to Rs.15,11,000.

The famous hatchback automobile by Suzuki was known as the 2018 Suzuki Wagon R is also available in two different variants which are VXR and VXL. This hatchback by Suzuki is available in a price range of Rs.10,74,000 to Rs.11,14,000. Last year in 2017, Suzuki has introduced its new design and shape SUV by the name of Suzuki Vitara 2018, which is available in two variants GL+ and GLX. This spectacular design SUV is available in a price range of Rs.34,90,000 to Rs.37,90,000. Suzuki APV 2018 is a big family van introduced by Suzuki for big families. This van type automobile is available in 1.5-liter petrol engine at a price of Rs.24,18,000.

Suzuki has also introduced a luxurious four-door sedan by the name of 2018 Suzuki Ciaz which is available in two variants manual and automatic. The price of the manual variant of the Suzuki Ciaz is Rs.18,59,000 and of automatic is Rs.19,99,000. The cars that are included in the upcoming new Suzuki cars in Pakistan include Suzuki Baleno 2018, Suzuki Ignis 2018 and many more which will surely be loved by the consumers of luxury and fuel economical cars in Pakistan.


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