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Range Rover Evoque Cars in Pakistan

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Range Rover Evoque

The first sub-compact cars appeared in the automobile market more than 80 years ago, and their production continues to gain momentum-cars become popular with RA. Even if you consider the Model sub SUV, which a priori cannot be small, its development fits perfectly into this category, and such cars are becoming more popular in Europe and the United States. Some small cars did not fall into the category, they assigned a class soapbox. Drivers who use the vehicle to move around the city have been waiting for many years for the production of small cars to save fuel. Car developers, in turn, have always been obsessed with the idea of efficient fuel consumption and optimal distribution of the interior of the car. In the second half of the 20th century, designers constantly invented models of cars with reduced fuel consumption. The ingenuity of designers associated with the production of tiny machines led to innovations that seem unrealistic for the name "machine". These cars are very small in size, with many three wheels instead of four. Some of them were intended for mass production, others, nicknamed boutique cars, were calculated only for trips to shops. But you should not treat as a toy vehicle-a full-fledged car, designed for urban streets. In a limited parking space these cars give a certain advantage to their owners-they can be put in the parking lot in the most unexpected place.

Off-road expert

Range Rover Evoque is an urban door Premium crossover compact segment that has a full-drive and "imposing road kit" – but all this is not intended for conquest of off-road... Because the ideal environment for him-a Russian city with its not always high-quality roads, "broken" yards and other "charms", which are not seldom to face motorists. The car, which became a serial embodiment of the concept "LRX"). It received sonorous name, dynamic appearance, stylish salon and modern technical component. Outside the Range Rover Evoque boasts a beautiful, underlined stylish and toned look that evokes a keen glance in the city stream. In front of the car attracts the attention of the cunning "squint" head optics, narrow grille and massive bumper, and the back looks aggressive and dynamic at the expense of elegant lanterns, an impressive spoiler on the back door and a "forked" release. The heat-up silhouette of the flaunts energetic outlines with a heavily rolled back windshield, a sloping roof, darkened roof racks and relief "folds" on the sidewalls, a modicum of solidity which is added by pronounced "muscles" Wheel arches and a large ground clearance.

Now about the dimensions: the length of the crossover Range Rover Evoque is 4371 mm, of which 2660 mm are allocated under the wheelbase, the width without mirrors is equal to 1965 mm (2090 mm with mirrors), and the height rests in the mark 1660 mm. Road Clearance (clearance) of the car reaches 216 mm under the crankcase of the engine and 240 mm under the back of the body-thanks to which it is able to overcome Brody depth no more than 500 mm. It weighs from 1658 to 1675 kg (depending on the equipment variant). Interior "Ewok" is made in laconic minimalism, that it does not spoil. It is a multi-wheel optimal size, "drawn" in a sports manner a combination of devices with two "deep wells" and a color display between them, the central console with an 8-inch screen of entertainment and information Center and The model is an indicative block of "microclimate" – Inside the crossover looks elegant, stylish and noble. Moreover, the car "flaunts" adjusted ergonomics, high-quality assembly and good finishing materials (Nice plastics, aluminum, natural leather, etc.).

Formally, the Range Rover Evoque-Five, but on the second row tall innovated can feel some discomfort because of the limited free space, and the high floor tunnel makes the presence of the third rider extremely Undesirable. In the front part of the cabin there are comfortable armchairs with a good level of lateral support, soft filler, wide ranges of electrical regulations and heating (and in the form of an option-also with ventilation). As for the cargo compartment, in the "base" it holds up to 575 liters of cargo, and when the second row of seats is up to 1145 liters, the length and width of the trunk is 1580 and 1090 mm. In the niche under the floor the, it contains a compact spare with a steel disk and a necessary tool.

Very expensive

Range Rover Evoque 2018 price is very high, (basic version of equipment with 150-strong diesel engine can cost differently), and it is offered in six variants of equipment – "Pure", "se", "se dynamic", "HSE", "HSE dynamic" and " Autobiography ". Standard "Brit" is able to boast: seven airbags, 17-inch wheels, multimedia complex with 8-inch screen, halogen headlights, audio system with 8 columns, dual "Climate", power windows All doors, ABS, ESP, heated front seats and other equipment. "Full mince" stands out by the presence of: 20-inch "skating rinks", keyless access systems, adaptive LED headlights, leather interior decoration, camera circular Review, "music" with ten speakers and subwoofer, as well as the mass of other "lotions".

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