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Nissan X Trail Cars in Pakistan

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Nissan X-Trail


Nissan Motor Company is another famous Japanese cars manufacturer, headquartered in Yokohama but famous all over the world as a successful automobile maker. Not only that, it is also the largest electric vehicle producer worldwide. The annual sales of Nissan's all-electric vehicles were more than 275,000 in December 2006. One of the best and top selling all-electric car was the Nissan Leaf, not only for Nissan, it is the most sold all-electric plug-in car in the world until today. Nissan is also proud to be North America's largest car manufacturer in 2014. Coming to Pakistan, the Ghandhara Nissan Limited begun dealing Nissan cars in Pakistan in 1981, until that time it has been doing its job in dealing the new CBU Nissan vehicles all across Pakistan. Ghandhara Nissan Limited became a private company under KSE in 1992, and the Nissan vehicle plants have been ever since located at Port Qasim Karachi. Unlike other car companies, Nissan is mostly famous for its all-electric cars, but it has some amazing hybrid and conventional cars in Pakistan. it is a very reliable brand and produces top-notch quality cars and other vehicles. Although Nissan never gained as much popularity in Pakistan as other car brands such as Toyota, Honda, and Suzuki it is still pretty much admired by people from all walks of life, the price range is not as affordable for the normal middle-class masses, but Nissan does have a variety for all car costumes.

Nissan is worldwide known for its usual sedans, crossovers and ordinary SUV's like other car manufacturers Toyota and Honda. It was not considered to be a part of the jeeps breed and was actually not until it created its first high-performance car, the Nissan X-Trail. It started its production decades ago and was loved and respected from day first of its production. None of its X-Trail models have gone without a legacy, a motoring trend and outclassing performance crushing its rivals. The Nissan X-Trail models are famous for going in jeep rallies and these events have created a huge fan following.

Nissan X-Trail Price in Pakistan

The Nissan X-Trail price in Pakistan is not too expensive for the middle class but is quite affordable if your bank account is stashed with cash.The latest model Nissan Dayz X 2018 has remained now for quite a while and hence you can find models from about 2001 with prices of good conditioned starting from 20 lacs. Prices climb for newer models and a brand new would set you back for around 35lacs. It would have been cheaper to get one but the taxation is very high in our its price with different all cars in Pakistan on


There are many competitors of Nissan X-Trail but it has its own importance in the market.Competitors are Toyota CHR, Honda vezel.

Popular Variants

A popular model, unlike the latest one, was its predecessor, the Nissan X-Trail. Truly speaking the Nissan X-Trail was actually the model which boasted Nissan in its SUVs car breed. The first model was introduced in 2001 and has got about one facelift which has not changed its shape at all. For performance lovers, there is an LT version offered which is more track focused. It comes with weight reduction, a bit more horses and overall improved performance but all of this comes at a price.


The Nissan X-Trail is luxurious SUV.It is a comfortable car.It is an off-road car. It has 4-liter petrol tank and has a V4 engine.

Other then performance figures, it can be pretty lively on the back roads too. You can drive it daily as it has 7 seats and a large boot.

Engine and Mileage

The Nissan X-Trail is offered in a variety of engines including petrol and diesel models. These include a Petrol 2.0L MR20DD with 143 hp (106 kW) in an I4 configuration (144 hp for X-Trail Hybrid) 2.5L QR25DE170 hp (126 kW) I4 Diesel 2.0L 177 bhp (130kW) and lastly a Straight-4/I4 1.6L Y9M 130 bhp (96 kW) I4.

Final Verdict

If you are a car fanatic and want something you will love to own and drive, this is it. Its four-wheel drive will give you ultimate performance on the track and the big boot, 4doors yet 7seats would make it decently practical as a daily driver.

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