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Nissan Dayz Cars in Pakistan

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Nissan Dayz

DAYZ and EK-Wagon are the fruit of cooperation between Nissan and Mitsubishi, for the development and production of which the company created JV Nmkv. Cars have typical for this Japanese segment dimensions-length less than 3.4 m, width less than 1.5 m and wheelbase in 2430 mm. At identical body panels differ a design of a front part in the corresponding manufacturer style. But Nissan DAYZ (which is deprived of EK-Wagon), also has a version of Highway Star. The design of its front with narrow lighting and wide horizontal strips of grille lattice reminds Nissan minivans, such as Elgrand. In the list of equipment and 15-inch cast wheels. DAYZ and EK-Wagon are equipped with navigation and view Monitor system, which allows to "look" at the car from above, which is convenient for parking. Another feature of hatchbacks is the sensory control of the climatic installation, similar to the one found on household appliances. In cars this solution seems to be used for the first time. Power unit One-is 660-cubic cylinder engine with variation. There are modifications with a full drive. But Nissan is technically again a little richer. Turbo-variant of the specified motor is available for DAYZ.

Enhancement with generations

Nissan has shared the first images of a new concept car for Dayz. Nissan Teatro for Dayz is a concept built on the basis of Kay-Kara Dayz. The novelty is intended for modern youth, which in Nissan characterize as "generation”. These are young people for whom the use of the Internet and social is more important than the time spent in the garage or at the wheel. In Japan, there was even a special term to indicate a similar phenomenon. The concept of Nissan Teatro for Dayz is designed to win the love of this audience and, thus, is an "anti-car" with minimalist design.

Usually, creating a design, we want to emphasize the dynamics, power and excellence. But these qualities are not important for the "generation". Similar cars cause them only associations with old-fashioned technologies and do not mean anything in their ZHIZNIPRAVDA, any technical details of Nissan Teatro for Dayz are not given. It is possible that the novelty can get the same 0.66-liter cylinder motor, as usual Dayz. The company know many things, and are able to squeeze a maximum of useful space from the limited area occupied by the car on the road. But the newest sample of such creativity under the name DAYZ ROOX promises to surpass in this game all predecessors, among other things at the expense of pulling in height. Nissan has not yet published a sketch of the future of city-Kara.

The model is developed jointly by companies Nissan and Mitsubishi, which previously created a joint venture nmkv just for the design and production of similar babies. The first JV car-Nissan DAYZ (and its generation version with the prefix Highway STAR, shown above)-will be released to the local market this summer. Further development of this theme, just in the form of that "high wagon" DAYZ ROOX, by definition of the firm in the exterior will reflect the identity of Nissan brand. In the interior of the same newcomer uses a number of know-how, well-proven in a large minivan Serena, the leader of the local market in its segment. And we remind you that there are 14 variants of seating arrangement.

Drive smoothly

Drive around the city in cars so small and light that they are similar to toys-a new European fashion: These machines are economical and allow you to quickly get to the place, regardless of traffic jams. Forbes has chosen 10 compact serial vehicles, the length of which does not exceed 3.5 m, and the weight-900 kg. Among the many brands and models sold in the Russian market, small cars are in the minority, no matter how awkwardly it sounded. What kind of microcars can be bought? Welcome to our review! Just let us immediately devalue what we consider a small car. It is a passenger car with an overall length of less than 3.7 m.

To reduce the cost of buying a car to a minimum, more and more car enthusiasts prefer machines with the least volume of the engine. Compacts have long been released even the largest auto-concerns. Every year their number only increases, as well as the growing consumer demand.

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