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Mercedes S Class Cars in Pakistan

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Mercedes S Class


Mercedes Benz is state of the art and one of the hottest selling German car manufacturer. It is a global brand for automobiles and branches out of the German company Daimler AG. Headquartered in Stuttgart, Baden Wurttemberg, Mercedes Benz produces the luxury vehicle, Lorries, coaches, and buses. Mercedes Benz is further comprised of two subdivisions, the Mercedes AMG and the Mercedes Maybach. AMG became a major division, owing to a majority back in 1999, whereas the ultra-luxury and royal Maybach by Daimler was under the Mercedes Benz division of cars until 2013 when it stopped due to poor sales.

The German car company "Mercedes" does have a lot of history in being the royal luxurious car and is still keeping up to the standards of its rivals and views of its fans, but it is just not it, they also make a wonderful state of the art driving experience. And the flagship model is the epitome of luxury and looks. it is the Mercedes S Class. Like all full-size luxury sedans, the Mercedes S Class is fully equipped with luxury but still has that sportiness in its character but not to forget that it is a complete car, it has everything you can dream of in your luxury sedan, making it the classiest flagship model of all.

Mercedes S class Price in Pakistan

The Mercedes S class price in Pakistan is way too expensive for the middle class but is quite affordable if your bank account is stashed with cash and if you already have got about 10 cars at your garage. As you all know that Mercedes is a German car manufacturer and has no factory or assembling in Pakistan, you can only import one or buy a used model. Coming to the point, this full-size luxury sedan will set you back about 2.5 crores to 3 crore Pakistani rupees, depending on your options. It would have been cheaper to get one but the taxation is very high in our country.


Competitors to the Mercedes S class are of course it's full-size luxury sedan German cousins, the BMW 7 series, the Audi A8, and the Porsche Panamera. Rivals across the globe include Jaguar XJ models, Cadillac, and the Lexus. All these cars are in the same price range and have the same qualities, but in some ways, the BMW 7 series and Mercedes S Class outclass them and are loved more. Unlike all its rivals, the Mercedes is the most comfortable and is completely submitted to luxury.

Popular Variants

The Mercedes S class comes in a number of variants varying in types of power terrain or other luxury features. These include the S550 and the better S650, a hybrid car is also offered. Like all Mercedes models, the S class to comes with the AMG model which enhances the car in a lot of ways. The engine is more powerful, the car is more lightweight, handling is enhanced, body roll is reduced and gear shifts are made faster. Other then all this the car is offered in both, rear wheel only or all-wheel drive options.


The Mercedes S class is a lovely car to own and as the flagship model of Mercedes, it is the father of all Merc's cars in Pakistan. Being the flagship model, all the latest designs and technology are first introduced in this car and then the others. It is finished in the finest materials no less than original wood pieces, leather seats and upholstery and fine metal trims. The car manufacturers have offered their best to come up with its asking price and is crafted by the finest of people and robots.

Knowing that most of their buyers will be successful businessmen trying their best to show off their earnings, long wheelbase versions and even limo versions are in production to truly humiliate others on the roads driving in their cheap fiat panda's, the one like James Mayor Captain Slow used to own.

Engine and Mileage

The Mercedes S class is offered with very nice engines. all of them are quite strong and fast but with the car having a luxury profile, these engines are not grunty and do not make much noise. the engines include V8's, V12's and the famous AMG engine, the V8 Biturbo. The options currently available are the same as mentioned earlier, bigger and worse coming in both naturally aspirated and turbocharged variants. With Diesel engines getting popular in the west since 1977 Diesel engines are also offered.

Final Verdict

If you are a rich man ready to enjoy the joys brought by money, go grab one right now. It is not very sporty like the 7 series but with its big engine the car can accomplish very high speeds and has nice handling too. You are in full-size luxury sedan by all means but can accomplish speed and sportiness at the same moment.

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