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Mazda CX-3 Cars in Pakistan


Mazda CX-3

Mazda CX 3 is one of best compact-sized car you can buy in Pakistan. It is optimized to offer a standout prospect, it focuses on the moderate design so that you can enjoy an up-to-date experience. It can rule on your driving life with decent configuration if you like to own a small size and sharply designed car. This is good-looking for driving fun, the best compact cars do attract when you do want to spend a lot. You can consider it a small brother of big-sized CX-5. Some people can consider to just like similar to supermini commercial cars that suit a small family of four. The design style is good and attractive to people of cities, the idea of engineering lies on an attractive road. This is a beautiful down-sized car to buy for a smooth driving experience, you should feel it rather neat. The two 2.0-litre petrol units and the 104bhp 1.5-litre diesel are good to test on this car. The systematic wheeling is good to stay cool.

Small but comfortable

The Mazda CX-3 is a small car but comfortable to drive if you have a family of four. It offers you 2’s 2570mm wheelbase, the ride height is large and attract under the Kodo theme. The 29% ultra-high-tensile steel material is optimized beautifully. The exterior of the car is made in the corporate style Kodo. In addition, a full range of modern Skyactiv technologies is supported. We have already noted that the experts expected the external similarity of the crossover with Mazda 2. As a result, the novelty is very similar to the smaller version of the older crossover Mazda CX-5. In the front stands a relief trunk, ideally combined with narrow headlights, equipped with a new lighting, and a brand-wide grille with longitudinal chrome stripes. Slightly below the diagonal shape for the fog light and a large trapezoidal air intake. The lateral profile of the crossover has a muscular shape. Here the glazing has a smooth transition. The rear door window is smaller than the front. Along the lower perimeter of the Mazda CX-3 stretches black plastic kit, including around the wheel arches. Feed novelties tucked. There's a spoiler on top. The glazing is narrow, the rear headlights are highly praised. The rear racks of the roof are blackened.

The interior design is beautifully combined with a stunning exterior. The salon is designed both in terms of design and ergonomics. By the way, the salon is almost completely copied from the same Mazda 2. Engineers meticulously approached the creation of each element. It comes with a length of 1810 mm, width 1435 mm and 1210 mm height. The doorways are wide, the landing is comfortable. Textiles or leather are used for finishing. Plastic salon looks good, but hard enough. Layouts of interior color can be different (Monocolor, multicolor, for example, red-beige-black).

Wider experiences

Mazda cars can impress. This car can compete with small Vitz. In front of the free space enough, for all the rear passenger's space is also enough. The volume of the trunk of Mazda CX-3 is 365 liters. Visually, the place is almost as much as the popular crossover of this class-Nissan Juke. Compact steering wheel novelty fits comfortably in your hands. On the steering wheel are buttons to control the systems. The dashboard is compact. There's a big central well with a speedometer. Other data is displayed on the sides of the display. In the visor of the dashboard, folding projection display Active Driving.

The central console of the Mazda CX-3 carries the optimal minimum of elements. The top is a 7-inch color touchscreen display of the Mazda Connect multimedia system. Here and FM Radio, and the player, and Bluetooth, and the Navigator, and many other options. There are also Aux and USB ports, a 12-volt socket. Special attention to the torpedo is deserved by deflectors of an unusual round form. Looks stylish and cute. The central tunnel carries the controls of climate control, shift lever, handbrake and several other control buttons of different systems.

The different model can go vary on specs, one model is reportedly available with gasoline engine Skyactiv-G volume 2.0 liters or turbo aggregate Skyactiv-D volume 1.5 liters. The petrol engine is in two versions with different power. As gearboxes are offered two 6-speed: Mechanics Skyactiv-MT and automatic Skyactiv-Drive.

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