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Land Rover Defender Cars in Pakistan


Land Rover Defender

Land Rover Defender is one of best solution to off-road drive. Ardent opponents of Land Rover Defender point to an archaic kind of bodywork, numerous malfunctions and flaws in functionality. The owners of the Land Rover are in love with their cars so much that they perceive them as a family member and will never say bad words to the SUV. But we will be objective and in detail consider the disadvantages and advantages of the model. Keep in mind that we do not guarantee that details we are giving here are totally accurate but we love to avoid mistakes. This will be about the first generation Land Rover Defender. Production of British SUV began immediately after the end of the Second World War. It would be a big mistake to assume that the car was outdated. Commercial cars shhould be in powerful material. The SUV was constantly modernized, and after the mid-1980s with its ancestor only the external similarity. The name Defender appeared in 1990, and until that time the model had the designation Series I, II, III.

Powerful solution

Land Rover Defender is a typical SUV. Off-Road is its element. Hard bridges on the springs have huge moves, so it is very difficult to tear off the wheels from the ground. But if this happens, the driver will always be able to lock the differential. It is worth noting that this is one of the few models in the class that has a permanent full drive. Mitsubishi cars have also long history. During the 1998 modernization, Land Rover Defender received an optional combination of ABS with ETC, on which the locking functions were assigned by freezes wheels. However, it quickly turned out that the operation of the system was ineffective, and soon the mechanical locks returned to their place.

Excellent geometric permeability also contributes to successful road overcoming. It is quite difficult to damage something during off-road. The road clearance on the tires 235/85 R16 is 215 mm, and the angles of the exit and the entrance are equal to 50 and 34 degrees respectively. The real off construction did not allow to get excellent behavior on the asphalt. But 100 km/h (at a maximum of 130-135 km/h) is a reasonable limit on the level of noise and accuracy of control. Measurements of the braking track from 100 km/h version with ABS showed the result just above 50 meters. It is very much under the standard modern standards of 40 meters. It should be remembered, owners, leaving on the roads of general use. Land Rover Defender fairly smoothly passes transverse irregularities. And although the city is not its element (because of the too large turning radius – from 12.8 to 14 meters, depending on the tires), the SUV will completely go for the role of the car for every day.

Body and interior

On the one hand, defender boasts a large set of versions of the body. Short, medium, long – Everyone can find something for themselves. But on the other hand, all of them have one common drawback – excessively conditions. Central locking or power windows are a real luxury. Often the only electronic device on board is the receiver. Air Conditioning – the option is quite rare. But chasing her is not worth it. The efficiency of the air conditioner is controversial. Unfortunately, it also concerns the heating system. In a strong frost on the second row of seats and in the trunk the temperature can be negative. And this, despite the correct heating. The 3-door Land Rover Defender 90 SW (Station Wagon) has two classic front seats and side benches in the trunk, allowing for up to 6 people. Similar benches are present in 5-door modification, increasing passenger capacity up to 9 persons. On the one hand, it is an advantage, but on the other-extra places are deprived of comfort and unsafe. International standards prohibit such arrangement of armchairs in a car, and the new Generation Defender (since 2007) has received additional seats with habitual scheme of accommodation. Toyota Parado is also competing with this car.

The salon has a number of other vices. For example, inside is very noisy, even at a speed below 100 km/h. In addition, there are many solutions, uncharacteristic for modern cars-manual control of ventilation of the cabin (damper under the windshield), ignition lock on the left side of the wheel and Chairs, located close to the door. Noise and lack of comfort influenced the fact that the fans of trips to remote areas of the world over time preferred Land Rover Defender more convenient and strong Discovery. In long journeys, the engines also seem to be a serious drawback. Low power does not allow to move confidently with big speeds. However, this does not mean that the power units are not suitable for rough terrain. Thanks to transfer box even the weakest motors help to easily deal with impassable areas.

A short period of time at the very beginning of the production of Land Rover Defender used a non-pressurized diesel volume of 2.25 l with a capacity of 60 hp soon it was replaced by 2.5-liter diesel engine, which lasted until the mid-90s. For owners who do not need dynamics, its potential is quite enough. A little later appeared 2.5-liter turbo with indirect injection. But he fairly quickly ceded the place 200 tdi, borrowed in Discovery I. In the mid 90s under the hood hit 300 Tdi. What's interesting is the 300 TDI and the 200 TDI have a working volume of 2.5 litres, but are distinguished by equipment.

In 1998 Td5 appeared in the assortment. The new turbo had the same dynamics as the 300 Tdi (acceleration of 0-100 km/h in about 18 seconds), but became more economical. If 300tdi consumed average 12-13 l/100 km, the more modern TD5-almost 1.5 liters less. TD5 is more vulnerable to poor quality fuel, but has a more reliable timing drive-chain type. The 4-cylinder TDI often led their owners to an unexpected rupture of the timing belt. Another heel Td5 is electronics. Problems with startup or sudden stop of the engine almost always "on the conscience" of the immobilizer. In the cold sometimes begin to strike fuel pumps. Chip-tuning often leads to damage of expensive exhaust manifold.

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