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KIA Carnival Cars in Pakistan

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KIA Carnival


Kia is worldwide known for its usual sedans, crossovers and ordinary SUVs like other car manufacturers like Nissan cars and Honda cars. It was not considered to be a part of the sports breed and was actually not until it created its first high-performance car, the Toyota Gt86. But overall in Pakistan, Toyota is more known for its compact hatchbacks, sedans, utility vehicles and SUVs, one of such cars that have been on the roads of Pakistan is the Kia Carnival. The Kia carnival Pakistan was manufactured since the 90's and is not only popular in Pakistan but was sold all over the world. We can find many of these previously wonderful Kia carnival vehicles on the roads.

KIA Carnival 2018 price in Pakistan

The Kia Carnival 2018 price in Pakistan is normal not too much high or very low in mind that it is a very new model and had got a great market in Pakistan, so the Kia carnival 2018 is sold in Pakistan for around 7 to 10 lac rupees depending on the model and auction sheet.


In last 5 years, there are many Japanese cars in Pakistan, so there are many competitors of the Kia Carnival. The Kia Carnival has a very good market, by the time people are getting familiar with this car. It is one of the very few comfortable utility cars with all the specs of a good people carrier, but the other famous competitors are the Suzuki Every and the FAW.

Popular Variants

The Kia carnival Pakistan was initially introduced in the 90's and has gained popularity for its spacious design. The variants come with extra technology and luxury features including automatic climate control, push the start button and other drivers assisting tech.


The Kia carnival Pakistan is a utility vehicle and has a good capacity for cargo and persons, it is an MPV with 2 front doors, two sliding doors and including the rear opening. Nowadays it is considered to be one of the most spacious and decent MPV's in Pakistan. It is also quite comfortable, as for the seats are concerned and also had enough leg space which added to its comfort, also keeping in mind that it is an MPV, it can accommodate many more people then cars do. It comes with big simple lights in the front and vertical lights at the rear end of the car. In 2015 it received a few changes but only in the headlights, that is, it got minor changes which only lifted its previous features, initially the body was cubic and then became more aerodynamic with the years, these body dimensions now also allowed more space and room for passengers

The Kia carnival Pakistan comes with a very humble interior but does have the noticeable technology for its time back then and the Kia Carnival is way better now in terms of interior, the Kia carnival has a grey plastic dashboard with a stereo player, a speedometer with rpm, a lighter and ashtray, air conditioner, heater. It also comes with automatic windows, mobile phone and wallet holders and had leather seat covers in some variants.

Engine and Mileage

The Kia carnival Pakistan comes with a decent horsepower engine with a 1.5-litre displacement petrol. It comes with a carburetor and runs on petrol only. The diesel is a 3.0litre inline 4 cylinder. It has 70l of fuel tank capacity, and a very nice economy and mileage including Eco mode.

Final Verdict

One of the most amazing things about Kia carnival Pakistan and other cars from Toyota Cars is that they are strongly built and won't break down with every other little jump on the regular Pakistani streets and roads, that is the reason why we can still find quite a many Kia carnival cars in Pakistani roads even today, it is definitely a very good buy.

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