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Jaguar XF Cars in Pakistan

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Jaguar XF

Despite the fact that I personally and thousands of Russians voted in money for the first generation Jaguar XF, he could not impose the fight three business class leaders: The last years of XF sold four to five times worse than the Germans. Even the Lexus GS is more successful. Jaguar was the best only in the collection of prizes-he had them 145! But the brand's ambitions do not allow to be satisfied with the market title handler Infiniti-"second" XF should make itself louder. And it is necessary to bypass the competitors on control, dynamics, comfort, level of service electronics and to preserve beauty. Piece of cake, as Coventry would say, is just a spit. Just like Honda cars, it can feel comfortable alot.

A lot has been done to succeed. Instead of the archaic architecture inherited from the S-type model, it is a new platform. Chetyrjohcilindrovye engines-with needles. In the mid-2000s, the company could not afford not that the car is a complete drive for classical layout machines, money was not even on high-tech headlights for the program model XF (so, according to designers, there were characteristic round sections Under the Xenon lens). Now optics led, the latest fashion. Just XF is no longer the only money maker Jaguar: on the same aggregate base are built two more mass models: XE and Crossover F-Pace. And with the eye on a good circulation can be invested more in development. From the entire fraternity, we went to the junior sedan XE. But tried it not only abroad, -and noted that the modest behavior of the commodity machine with a comfortable suspension is strikingly different from the provocation of test specimens, which are usually presented with a sports chassis. I have to keep it in my head now. Especially since XF looks very much like the younger brother.


Liter Diesel XF with a capacity of 180 hp meets me as TA hut: It is backwards, and in the eyes first of all throw two exhaust pipes, jutjashhihsja in a corner of a bumper. In the past, huge chrome-plated nozzles-a gift that fake-instilled respect for the contents of the engine compartment. Now the effect is opposite.

But the front of the Jaguar-the aggression itself. In Farah, compiled to a powerful nose, expressed a warlike contempt for all things. XF looks at everyone, as on Aries, and with a clear pleasure. The front overhang is small, the 20-inch wheels seem to be unlocking the arches. Dumb Zev Grille and two wide ducts on the sides unequivocally require cubic meters of fresh air. From the new corporate design blows a young borzostju, which poizvelas in the classroom.


The salon is not charming, like in Jaguar. Not enough wow effect. Previously fascinated motorized ventilation vents: closing, they turned the front panel into an aluminum monolith. Now Poskuchnelo: The central ducts are usual, servos remained at lateral, but on them not pay attention. The buttons are lined up, the entire console is filled with black lacquered plastic with fingerprints. In the midst of this oil black floats a wooden raft with a washer-selector "automatic".


But it became more convenient. The driver's seat is confidently hugging from the sides, the steering wheel of R-Sport is more dense in the hands, thanks to the additional ledges in the places of grip "without ten two". Behind the high sill and parapet of the front panel you sit like in a trench, bringing a hump on the hood, like a gun barrel on the apex turn. Due to the increase of the wheelbase there was more room for the legs of the second row passengers, although the seats moutain, and do not hold in turns. As an option there is a separate block of climate control, but there is nothing more to entertain from behind. Front and more comfortable, and more interesting.


My personal Jaguar-with Tjagovitoj diesel "Ziguli" 3.0, so cylinder turbo makes accustomed to the need to push the accelerator to the carpet. The motor responds lingering responded, but not too impressive. If you do not accelerate to the floor, the tachometer arrow is in the range of 1500 – 3000 rpm, while the Vosmistupenchatyj "automatic" actively changes the transmission, allowing to effectively use the narrow range of the peak moment. Because of this constant hyperactivity "behind the scenes", XF seems to rank lower in the car. Many cars might feel similar. Although the general level of noise-and vibration corresponds to the class, including due to excellent aerodynamics (coefficient of resistance of the CX decreased from 0.29 to 0.26).

The R-Sport version roughs springs and thicker stabilizers, and passive shock absorbers with additional bypass valve deal with healthy wheels. With such aggressive setting of the chassis while driving with a small speed on the steering wheel is quite actively broadcast microprofile coating. Itching from it only goes with the growth of the tempo. The new electric amplifier is behaving well: it is always clear what happens to the front wheels. The weakest version of 163 HP at the presentation was not shown (it and will not deliver to Russia), and 380-a strong top model issued on the race track Circuito de Navarra with an instructor in the right seat. Classic Jaguar Gasoline "Six" 3.0 with supercharged roots, a full drive and adaptive shock absorbers, taking into account the position of the body 100 times per second and the movement of wheels up to 500 times-fire? Yes, but like in the fireplace.


The version of V6S AWD is so comfortable that the declared 5.3 from the acceleration to hundreds completely deprived of dramatic. The engine, which, as we know in the example of Coupe and Roadster F-type, is able to damage the eardrums, it is almost inaudible. The machine confidently holds the trajectory, on the correction of the wheel responds instantly and accurately, with a light roll. As a result, I can raced on the track, certified for Formula 1, at a good pace, not a spill of coffee. But the body requires adrenaline!

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