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Honda Odyssey Cars in Pakistan

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Honda Odyssey

The Honda Odyssey is a minivan produced all over the world. The present model is the fifth generation model which started its production in the year of 2013 and has not been changed yet. Unlike other new models, this model has almost changed and improved everything then its previous generation models. The engineers at Honda cars had to make and design the car from scratch to meet their rivals vehicles which are new and improved. The rear doors have been replaced by bigger and power dual sliding doors. The overall dimensions of the car have been changed and now it is bigger and hence more spacious than before. With more room inside, the cat is offered in three row eight-seat configuration and a three-row seven-seat configuration with this one having premium cradle seats in the second row. The Honda Odyssey 2018 is also very practical in terms of storage as with folding seats, you can fit everything thing in it.
As mentioned above the interior is pretty spacious but it is quite comfortable too. The ride height is low which makes it bad off-road but as 99 percent won't be taken off Tarmac, it reduces body roll enhancing the ride quality and making it feel sporty. The materials used are well built and it is filled with all the newest gadgets and tech you would dream of. The infotainment system is nice and the dash looks beautiful too.
Like everything else, it's heart is also the Hondas newly produced 2.4-litre i-VTEC direct Injected engine. With new technology, its efficiency has also increased doing 14 Kim's to the liter which is the highest in its range. Compare its feature and price with all cars in Pakistan on Again the newly created hybrid system is used in the hybrid variant of the car which is smaller in size, lightweight and more efficient.
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