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Honda Jazz Cars in Pakistan

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Honda Jazz

The Honda Jazz as it is worldwide known is named as the Honda Fit in Pakistan. The car is a subcompact hatchback with a front engine configuration. The car looks pretty playful and has a young look to it. It's personality also includes sportiness sharpness. Like its main competitor, the Toyota Aqua, the Jazz is also offered in a hybrid power terrain. Otherwise, all their dimensions are exactly same with the Jazz being slightly higher from the ground.
The engine offered is a 1.5-litre I4 cylinder and an electric motor if the car is a hybrid. The engine is very lively and economical. It makes 97 hp which is delivered by Honda's dual clutch 7-speed automatic transmission. The hybrid variant produces 138 hp combined and has the same gearbox. The car is fun to drive and has a feel of sportiness to it, overall it has an enjoyable ride and can be a very good daily driver. To overcome the natural factors, the car is offered both in front wheel drive and all-wheel drive. Compare its feature with other all cars in Pakistan before buying. Although in Pakistan, only front wheel drive models are available as the weather is nice and mild.
The interior of the Jazz is also very nice in every aspect of the whole car. The dashboard and the panels are of plastic but are of good quality and don't give a crappy feel or look. Everything is well built and will surely last long if it is used decently. It has a nice infotainment system and the speedometer and the tachometer are modern and very functional. Everything you touch has a solid touch to it. The seats are quite comfortable too and hold the passengers well. They are also good for long journeys. They are of a two-tone material, the material in the center is porous making summers heat easier for you to bare while the sides are pretty normal.
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